Astrill VPN for PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/Mac] – Free

Care for your online privacy? If yes, then you need to download Astrill VPN for PC and Laptop. This application is designed to help users stay safe while surfing the internet. No matter if their devices are connected with public WiFi, the app always welcomes them by providing online anonymity services.

To be honest, there are basic ways of getting this virtual private network or PC. The first is obviously by getting the app’s official desktop version. But there’s another way that helps you experience the same Android interface on a computer. This way can only be implied to install “Astrill VPN for Windows 10/8/7/Mac” operating system.

Astrill VPN for PC

The reason why I’m writing about this VPN is that I’m quite intrigued by its services. Just like NordVPN, it doesn’t come in cheap rates. But what it does provides us the ability to use the same premium services for free. Such a facility is only available for use on one device. Meaning, if you are using this app on Android and you are from a European country, you’ll be allowed to use it without paying a penny.

So if you get Astrill VPN for PC Download through my drafted method, then you can the same free account on your PC. To tell you the truth, I discovered this method by accident while looking to find a way to use an Android app on PC. But now I’ve found it, I would like to share it with my readers.

What is Astrill VPN?

Astrill VPN is one of the best virtual private networks that work for Chinese consumers. People who are willing to use Chinese IP or bypass the restrictions provided by their government, they can use this app. I’m saying this because this app ensures that a user is provided with the ability to claim his online freedom.

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In fact, any user can access the services of this VPN to bypass strong firewalls. Even he’s bieng at work or university, no one can ever stop him from visiting social apps & websites. However, to start using the services of this app, a user is required to register through an active email account.

If you are concerned about your online security, then you should use Astrill VPN. Because it is one of the most secure VPNs in the market. It doesn’t keep a record of his user, many among us know this facility as no-log policy. Another great fact is of encrypting a user’s online activities with the military-grade encryption process.

Anything becomes available for you online, if you are a user of this app. Also, you are allowed to test the same premium services without entering any account details. And if you feel satisfied with its facilities, then you can buy its premium plan. It starts from $15/month or if you pay for a whole year, $8/month.

2 Ways To Download Astrill VPN for PC and Laptop

Like I described to you earlier, there are two main ways of downloading Astrill VPN for PC and Laptop. The first one is the official method that can get from the manufacturer’s website. And the other method is by using the services of Android emulators. You are allowed to decide any method that meets your requirement to get Astrill VPN for PC Download.

Astrill VPN for PC Download

Astrill VPN – Download for PC free

  • From your web browser, click here to visit the official website of Astrill VPN.
  • Navigate the Download section and select an OS.
  • After making the appropriate choice, click on the download button.
  • When the app’s file is downloaded, launch it.
  • Install it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Thereafter, open Astrill VPN for PC from the desktop of your PC.
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Astrill VPN for Windows 10/8/7/Mac

  • Visit the official BlueStacks website or click here for a proper guide to download the App Player.
  • After downloading the software, open the downloaded file to start the installation process. While installing the software, you can select the disk storage location, where you want to save the installation files. Also, you’ll be required to accept the software’s license to continue the installation procedure. Apart from that, keep clicking on the Next button and in the end, click once on the Finish button.
  • Now that the software is installed, open it and start following some compulsory onscreen instructions.
  • The instructions will be like entering your active Gmail account & selecting a software UI.
  • When you configured BlueStacks, the program will redirect you to its home interface.
  • From there, you need to click once on the play store icon and wait for it to open.
  • Inside the play store, type Astrill VPN in the search bar & press enter.
  • Click once on the install button and wait for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Once done, you can open Astrill VPN for Windows or Mac from BlueStacks.

That’s all, thanks.

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