BabyCam for PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/Mac] – Free

Download BabyCam for PC to see what your kids are up to, even when you are not around them. It’s a parenting app that’s developed for the benefit of people who don’t want to feel stressed while bieng at work. Users who know that they have to leave for work, but wish to keep an eye on their toddlers 24/7.

For your knowledge, this app is only developed to work with mobile devices. It has a web browser, but there’s no official desktop or laptop client. So if you want to access the same app’s services on your computer, this article is drafted for you. It helps you install “BabyCam for Windows 10/8/7/Mac” operating system.

BabyCam for PC

I’ve small kids at my home, and at night, I can’t work until I know that the kids are having a nice nap. It’s the main reason why I decided to use BabyCam on Android. And I didn’t have to pay loads of money to buy an expensive surveillance network. Even I could use the services of this app without wasting my mobile data through the WiFi Direct service.

But working late at night, there was a time when I feel annoyed by having to use my smartphone. So then, I wanted to get BabyCam for PC Download. I found its web version, but what it wasn’t enough for me. And that’s when I knew for sure, that I should consider using the app’s service on my Windows 10 Laptop.

What is BabyCam?

BabyCam is one of the best alternatives to apps like Alfred camera & cawice. It is developed to help people protect their households at cheap rates. The app doesn’t ask you to pay to access services from it. In fact, the only difference in free & pro version is of online advertisements. So if you ever feel annoyed by online ads, just buy the VIP version by making a one-time transaction of $0.99.

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The main purpose of this app is to let you convert your old smartphones into IP cams. Meaning, if you own a smart mobile with a working camera, then you can use it as a CCTV camera. And the other smartphone which you are using currently, convert it into a surveillance device, anytime you want.

For a start, you are required to install BabyCam on both of your devices. Afterward, connect both of your devices with the same WiFi and then launch on these devices. Now login with the same account and you are good to go. After you’ve successfully logged in, you can access the live feed of your cams from anywhere you want to.

This app is developed to work in all sorts of critical situations. For instance, you are allowed to manipulate the flashlight and microphone of your cam device. And if you don’t want your kids to be disturb while taking a peaceful nap, then enable the night mode for their benefit. Furthermore, If you own a Chromecast Tv, you can also use it as a source of viewing live footage.

A Technique To Download BabyCam for PC and Laptop

The easiest way to download BabyCam for PC and Laptop is with the help of Android emulators. Because these programs let you emulate the Android interface on your computers. Meaning, you are allowed to test & run all sorts of apps and games on PC without disturbing the installed operating systems.

BabyCam for PC Download

By any chance, if you are unfamiliar with BlueStacks, let me tell you something about it. This software is one of the best Android emulators which you get to install for Windows & Mac operating systems. Furthermore, it supports well for users who want to obtain BabyCam for PC Download.

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Launch BlueStacks

  • Download the software.
  • Start its installation process.
  • Launch it by double-clicking on its icon from the desktop.

Set up BlueStacks

  • Wait for BlueStacks to complete the first boot (takes 1 or 2 minutes).
  • Enter your Google ID when asked.
  • Select a software UI language.

Visit Play Store to install BabyCam for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac)

  • Open the play store (its icon is available on the main interface).
  • Type BabyCam in the search bar of the play store.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Thereafter, start using BabyCam for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac).

That’s all, thanks.

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