CamScanner For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP/Mac/Online]

Using CamScanner For PC works similar to an Android app. While we knew this application was only available for smartphones, we decided to look out for a way of getting it for our desktop or laptop devices. After a long research over the internet, we concluded that there’s no official version of CamScanner For Windows & Mac OS.

But without showing any laziness in achieving our goal, we kept our search for getting it on a computer. So thanks to spider-search algorithms, we discovered a way of using CamScanner PDF Creator For PC. It’s a simple task that requires not much hassle. Users can easily get this application for a computer.

CamScanner For PC

While using the app, we found that it’s only applicable if you have a webcam attached to your PC or Laptop. Because without any cams, it is not possible to scan PDF files. But if you have a webcam, then it becomes a piece of cake for you to complete your in-app goals with convenience.

So here, we will have a glimpse of detail on the CamScanner app. Afterward, we will take you on the guide of downloading CamScanner For PC and Laptop. We know that every user has installed different sort of operating system on their device. That’s why our guide is specifically drafted for users willing to install CamScanner For Windows & Mac OS.

What is CamScanner?

CamScanner is a free productivity tool available on the Google Play Store. The basic purpose of this application is to help users scan their documents to make an electronic copy of them. The app interface is neat-n-clean, users can easily scan documents or even pictures via the app’s camera facility.

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This application is not just about scanning files, but users can also edit the scanned files any time they want to. Save a specific area of words or highlight the important parts in a file, all depends upon the priority of a user. In case, a user is getting difficulty in converting PDF files into word files, he can claim such a reward directly from the app.

CamScanner knows a user’s privacy should be their priority. That’s why now they are allowing users to secure files by setting a passcode on them. When a file protected, no intruders are allowed to view these files and there is no chance of privacy leakage. In fact, it’s suggested that you use this service on all your files.

Sharing & syncing is also allowed inside the app. Anyone can decide to share a file directly from the app. Send them through email or share them via social media platforms. In case, a user decides to shift to another device, he can always trust the app from transferring data from one device to another. That is the most-of-all reason for using CamScanner For PC.

How To Use CamScanner For PC and Laptop?

Like I told you earlier, CamScanner is only available for mobile platforms. So there is no official way of downloading CamScanner For PC and Laptop. But if you want, you can always trust third-party programs to get the job done for you. In case of installing CamScanner For Windows & Mac, we suggest that Android emulators work best for internet users. Because here, users can get all the software like CamScanner For PC. First, we will help you understand the concept of Android emulators, then take you on the guide on getting this app for a computer.

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CamScanner For PC Download

What Android Emulators Do?

Android emulators are known to be the best while getting CamScanner For PC. Because these programs allow users to emulate Android apps and games on a computer. Users are not required to pay a single penny for downloading & acquiring any service from this program. However, it requires a number of steps to use CamScanner on PC. We will take you shortly onto such a guide now:

Downloading CamScanner For PC and Laptop

  1. To start, download BlueStacks.exe file on your computer.
  2. After downloading the raw file, install it.
  3. Installing BlueStacks will not take more than 10 minutes.
  4. When done, open the emulator.
  5. Now inside BlueStacks, you will be required to enter Gmail account details before getting to its main interface.
  6. So enter your Google Account and keep following the on-screen instructions.
  7. From the home page of BlueStacks, click once on the Play Store icon.
  8. Type CamScanner in the search bar of the play store and press enter.
  9. Hit the install button and wait for 15 to 20 seconds.
  10. After the successful installation of CamScanner For PC, you will be able to use it inside the emulator’s interface.

Using CamScanner For PC Online

  1. Open your Web browser and visit the provided link.
  2. Inside the online portal called Manymo, type-in your Gmail account.
  3. After entering your Gmail account, the website will take you to an Android interface.
  4. Navigate to the menu button.
  5. Open the Play Store app.
  6. Use the search bar to access the CamScanner app.
  7. Click once on the install button.
  8. Depending upon the speed of connected internet, it will take not more than 25 seconds to complete the installation process.
  9. Afterward, you will be able to use CamScanner For PC Online.
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How Do I Log Into CamScanner?

If you are a free user of CamScanner, you don’t need to subscribe or register. All you need is open the app and hit the camera button available inside the app’s interface. Scan whatever files you like and start creating as many PDF files as you want to. There are no restrictions on creating files inside the app.

How Do I Retrieve Data From CamScanner For PC?

CamScanner let users sync their data from one device to another. For that, users have to create a backup from the app settings. Once inside the settings tab, select Security & Backup option. Now the app will create a backup for users to restore it in any device they want to. But if you are using this facility, then you will be required to enter your Gmail account inside the app.

Is CamScanner Safe?

With the increasing rate of cybercriminal activities, no apps are safe anymore for internet users. So while using any service from CamScanner For PC, it is recommended that you use CM Security or Lookout Security app. Because such application will help users to avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminal activities.

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