Clash Of Clans On PC[Windows 7/8/10]-Free Download

Want to play Clash Of Clans On PC. There are a lot of people who like playing games. It has become an addiction for some people. Others play games so that they can pass time. Gaming has also become a business. You can play games and get paid for it. Testing games has become a job. A lot of gaming competitions are held all over the world. Players try to win competitions. The addiction to becoming first has led the one to play with full potential. Games are played on a lot of platforms. Xbox, Playstation and PC gaming are always in competition with each other. They always try to release new games with strategic missions.

The recent release of smartphones has led gaming to another level. Many released games on PC and Consoles are coming to phones. Games like Pubg and Call of Duty have already released their smartphone versions. There are many different players who like different categories of games. Some prefer first-person shooting games. Others like storyline games. People are also into mind-boggling games. They like to lay games which include the use of mind. Strategic games give a thrill to these peoples. Many smartphone games are strategic games.

Clash of Clans is a game that is played a lot on smartphones but some people don’t prefer it playing on phones. They want to play it on big screens. Since the game is not available on PC. they cannot play it on PC. Now you can play Clash of Clans On PC by just following the method I’ve have explained below. First, let me tell you a little about the game

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Clash Of Clans:

Clash of clans is a game released by supercell. The game lies in the strategy category. The game is very colorful and is easy to play. The user has to make an empire by creating its village. He has to attack other villages in order to gain loot. The looted money/coins are used to buy accessories and weapons.

The coins are also used for upgrading the army.  He also has to take defensive measures in order to defend his own village from outside attacks. Clans are formed by adding a number of members and together they form an alliance. The game has a good rating and is being awarded an app of the year by Google.

Clash Of Clans On PC

Clash of clan is available on Google Play Store but unfortunately, it is not available on PC. The user wants to play this game on PC screens. Until now there was no method until now. Now users can play Clash Of Clans On PC using emulators. But first, let me tell you about emulators.


An emulator is a software that enables the user to use the application of one OS onto another OS without any hassle. These softwares are used for cross-platforming. The advantage of using emulators is users don’t have to buy expensive rigs in order to play different applications.

Another advantage is apps run seamlessly on other operating systems most of the time. There are many emulators that are used for cross-platforming. These emulators include BlueStacks and Nox. The mentioned emulators are easy to use and provide a good user interface.

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Talking about BlueStacks, It is a good emulator that provides a lot of good features. BlueStacks has a good interface and tutorials are also available about how to use the software.

Clash of Clans can be played on PC using this emulator which is for android applications. Follow the below-mentioned steps so that you can install Clash of Clans for PC.

Procedure to Install Clash Of Clans On PC:

First of all, you need an emulator. BlueStacks emulator can be downloaded from the Bluestacks site. It is available free o their website. Download the application by clicking the download button. Once the software has downloaded, open the .exe file and install the application.

After the installation has completed, open the software by clicking the icon. the software will take a little bit longer to open because it takes time for the configuration of the PC. Once the softwares has loaded completely, It will show an account enter option. Enter the Google account details because it links the account to the Google Play Store.

Open the Google Play Store by clicking on the Play Store icon in the application. Once it has opened, search for clash of clans. Download the application by clicking. The rest of the application will be handled by BlueStacks. The emulator will install the application and it will be ready to play.

Alternate Method to Install Clash Of Clans On PC:

Open the internet browser in the PC and search for clash of clans APK. Download the application by clicking. When the application has downloaded click and drag the application from the downloaded bar and drop it in the BlueStacks. the emulator will install the application for you and it will ready to play.

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