What is CyberGhost VPN for PC and how to download it? – 2020

Cyberghost VPN for PC and Smartphones is one of the best VPN services ever launched. This tool is one of those who make the world realize how much cybersecurity is important. Cyberghost seems to be the true custodian of users’ privacy. That’s why their motto is “fighting for user’s privacy” and Privacy is uncompromisable. Cyberghost is the most flexible VPN service exactly like NordVPN. It is suitable for all user’s requirements which they need from VPN service.

Free VPN v/s Paid VPN (services)

“Every Good thing never comes for free”

The above phrase completes concludes the result of the comparison, hopefully, you understood. To clarify a bit more, we are bringing a few points in the discussion.


Paid VPN services like Cyberghost VPN for PC don’t limit the bandwidth for users. They provide us with unlimited bandwidth and connection time. If you are streaming videos on Netflix in full HD quality, your bandwidth will not decrease.

On the other hand, free VPN apps start getting slow after a few minutes. This is the mess of free VPN apps. You can try your self free VPN apps never give unlimited bandwidth even if they mention in their description.


Encryption is the most important element of a VPN app. You are connecting your phone with a VPN if that’s not good your data can be at high risk. The free VPN app’s encryptions are too weak. Even the VPN developers can do a hand with you. Or, some other random cybercriminal will try to steal your private information.

CyberGhost VPN for PC
The screenshot is taken from www.cyberghostvpn.com

On the other hand, Paid VPN services like Cyberghost VPN for PC offer military-grade or bank-grade encryptions to you. These are one of the strongest encryptions. Only an extraordinary person with abnormal abilities can bypass these encryptions. So, your data and information will be kept in the strongest vault.

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Servers and locations:

Free VPN services offer you 7 to 8 servers only in the free version. That’s not even enough, infact the servers they offer have very weak signal strength. I mean that’s just a piece of crap. That’s not even enough for a basic user.

When you apps like Cyberghost they offer you thousands of servers. You will get multiple servers from multiple locations of many countries. Most of the servers have strong signal strength.

Cyberghost deserves to be on your device:

Currently, I am using the NordVPN for PC, and I am extremely satisfied that I spent money on the right product. I found Cybersgot VPN as the best alternative to Nord, Express, and others. I just used the free trial period of Cyberghost. In the future, I would love to switch on Cyberghost and recommend the same to viewers.

Is CyberGhost VPN free?

Not it is not free and it charges you the subscriptions yearly or monthly, depends on the duration you selected. Cost varies according to the requirement. Especially the number of PC more the cost increases. The services rate is not so high, infact its pretty affordable.

Now coming back to the topic that what you came for. CyberGhost is available on all most used operating system approximately. So you can download CyberGhost VPN for PC officially. Also, if you want to download it in an unofficial way, we posted a couple of guides for that too.

How to Download CyberGhost VPN for PC officially:

  1. Visit the official Website of CyberGhost [Link].
  2. Go to the top bar of the website, you will different options there.
  3. Choose VPN Apps Tab.
    • Click on the Get it button if you want to purchase a subscription.
    • For trial click on the Download .exe to directly download CyberGhost VPN for PC.
  4. That’s how you can download and use CyberGhost for Laptop officially.
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Downloading CyberGhost VPN for PC unofficially:

You can also install CyberGhost VPN for PC, Windows Laptops and MacBooks in this way. But you need an Android emulators for it. These are the specific app installers which we were talking about. Android Emulators are referred to as an app installer that lets users emulate Android apps or games on cross platforms. This software took the Android Flexibility and compatibility game to another level.

What Android Emulator to use? it’s your choice. According to our experience, BlueStacks and Nox are the best Android Emulators to run Android apps on PC. These are the emulators that will help you to download and install Android CyberGhost VPN for PC.

CyberGhost VPN for PC

Steps to install CyberGhost for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista:

1• To get BlueStacks on PC, visit guide   Download BlueStacks Offline Installer.

2• You need to double click on the downloaded “.exe’ file to install BlueStacks on Windows. Once prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes in your device?”. Click on the Yes option.

3• At the next step, you need to click on the Install button. After that, your BlueStacks Installation will get started. As the file size is heavy so obviously it will take some minutes to complete the process.

4• Once the installation gets completed, complete the initial formalities. First, you have to select Language. Secondly, you need to enter your Google Account which already exists. This step is necessary for downloading CyberGhost VPN for PC.

5• Now BlueStacks homepage will appear infront of you. Here, you need to locate the Google Play Store icon. Click on the PlayStore to open it. Search the CyberGhost on Play Store.

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6• Open the CyberGhost profile. Click on the Install button to start the installation.

7• Right after installation, you can see CyberGhost VPN for PC on your BlueStacks Emulator.

Steps to Install CyberGhost for Mac:

As we have already punched a line above that Nox is the best choice for Mac. So, we will proceed to download CyberGhost for macOS through Nox.

CyberGhost VPN for PC

  1. Download Nox App Player from the Bignox.com.
  2. Double click on the download file (.exe File).
  3. Click on Yes to allow the app to make changes in your device.
  4. Let the Emulator Install completely.
  5. Launch the Emulator on your MacBook.
  6. Open the Google Play Store on Nox.
  7. Enter your Google Account that already exists (Only required on using the first time).
  8. Search CyberGhost on Google Play, open profile.
  9. Click on Install button, After a few minutes, CyberGhost for Mac will be ready to use.

That was the detailed guide to download CyberGhost VPN for PC [Laptop/Desktop]. We tried our best to explain the procedure as simple as possible. Still, if any person requires assistance regarding the procedure. Notify us through the comment box.

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