Free Download HuiGuo VPN for PC, Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

iPCFY team highly recommend HuiGuo VPN for PC. Users who want to access Chinese websites and apps, this app is best for them. Previously we mentioned the Xiaoming VPN for PC which performs the same duty. Now HuiGuo VPN is in the game of unblocking Chinese online platforms. China strongly believes in Nationalism. They can only see those products in their countries which are made by them. They have their own search engines, Social media networks, and E-commerce portals.

In China, the international social media, video hosts and some other popular networks are blocked. If we see on the opposite side than other country citizens also can’t open the Chinese websites and apps. That’s why HuiGuo Team launched HuiGuo VPN. This tool lets users Chinese websites and uses Chinese apps anywhere in the world.

How do I unblock a website from China?

Well, there are many tools that let you do this. Especially those VPN apps which offer Chinese servers can surely let you unblock a website from China. Due to legalities, not all VPNs offer this facility. Luckily we still got enough of such tools and HuiGuo VPN for PC is one of those.

HuiGuo VPN for PC

What benefit you will get by using HuiGuo VPN? You can play games specifically Chinese. Watching videos on Chinese social networks and video hosts will be easier. The best part is that you can perform all browsing and streaming activities without IP Constraints. The only drawback of this tool is the subscription-based service. After 3 days of the free trial, users have to pay for further use.

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Requirements to Download HuiGuo VPN for PC:

  • A good computer with a supported operating system.
  • Working Android Emulator (BlueStacks, NOX App Player or Others)
  • Existing Google Account or create a new one now.
  • Enough RAM and Hard Drive.
  • Stable Internet connection.

Unofficial way to Download HuiGuo VPN for PC:

In this procedure, you require the assistance of Android Emulators. Now many Android Emulators are efficient, speedy and workable. Over the years we are recommending BlueStacks and NOX App Player. But, now we have plenty of other options like Phoenix OS and KO Player. It’s pretty to run an Android app like HuiGuo VPN for PC now. You can select any emulators you want. Almost all emulators are free to download and use.

Step 1. Download BlueStacks Online or Offline:

Offline Installer: We have already posted a detailed guide on BlueStacks Offline Setup. Visit the Guide to download BlueStacks offline installer and to install HuiGuo VPN for PC.

HuiGuo VPN for PC

Online Installer: Visit It is the official website of BlueStacks Android Emulator. You can download the latest version of the emulator from there. Now BlueStacks offline installer is also available.

Step 2• BlueStacks Installation:

  1. Once you downloaded the Emulator’s EXE file successfully, double-click on it.
  2. Allow the software to make changes to your computer.
  3. Wait for the installation procedure. As the file size is really heavy so, it will take some time.

Step 3• Configuration:

  1. After the installation finishes and Android alike screen will appear.
  2. Now it’s time to start the configuration procedure.
  3. First, you have to select the language which you can easily understand.
    (We recommend English because it is common).
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Step 3• Account Registration:

Now the most important steps arrive to download HuiGuo VPN for PC. That is the Google Account Registration. You have to enter the existing Google Account means it should be operative. Or, you can create a new Google Account directly from the Emulator.

Step 4• Installation of HuiGuo VPN for PC:

BlueStacks Home page will appear after completing the formalities. It resembles the Android Smartphone interface. You will see a Google Play icon there, click on it.

  • Type HuiGuo VPN on the Google Play Store search bar and press the enter button.
  • Select the HuiGuo VPN app from the original developers, click on Install button.
  • Now the HuiGuo VPN app will be installed on Emulator after a minute.
  • Open the app and connect to any server you want.


Before writting the final words, we want to clarify the legal status of this VPN tool. Using VPN is strictly prohibited in some states, especially when you intend to unblock blockages imposed by the government. Accessing website and apps which don’t provide services in your region from start can be accessed. This article is purely for informational purposes. We don’t have any affiliation with the HuiGuo team.

The procedure mentioned in the guide is 100% authentic and effective. We tried our best to simplify the procedure as possible. Still, if you need any kind of assistance our team in on your duty 24/7.

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