Download IPVanish for PC, Windows [Laptop/Desktop] 7/8/10 and Mac

IPVanish for PCA guide to install IPVanish for PC with details and explanations. We are going to discuss one of the top-notch VPN services. IPVanish is the recommendation of every VPN related website. The IPVanish is featured in many top technology magazines and blogs such as CNET, VPN Mentor, etc. We prefer to use this VPN over other fake applications. On a single account, this service can be used on 10 devices comfortably. Here, we are going to explain about VPN, IPVanish overview features. In the end, we have prepared a guide to download IPVanish for PC.

This tool is officially available for PC. This means you can download IPVanish for Windows and IPVanish for Mac officially. Just for the experiment, we tried the Android version of IPVanish on PC. We found the app equally useful on PC as it works on Android. Even it works better than the official Windows version. First of all, have a look at what is the purpose of VPN and why IPVanish is best?

Introduction to VPN

Virtual Private Networks are a mixture of 3 components unblocking, security and privacy. Not all VPN apps are good in these aspects. Only a few VPN apps include these essential components. Basically these tools create an underground tunnel. This hidden way keeps your identity hidden while accessing the prohibited platform. There is an excessive number of countries that have imposed limitations on specific websites and apps. To overcome those restriction people want a VPN and IPVanish is the best choice.

IPVanish Overview

Mudhook Marketing, Inc are the developers behind IPVanish VPN. In unblocking this app connects us with a server-based in other countries. There are thousands of servers in this app which belongs to more than 140 countries in the world. Maybe we are sitting in the USA but it will show our IP from the UK. In this way, we can access the content which is blocked in our country but open in other. Also, our IP will remain hidden and no one can track us. IPVanish for PC will let us do the same.

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IPVanish VPN for PC Features

Before proceeding to the main topic we want you to have a look at key features of the IPVanish app in PC.

  • Bypass Censorship and Avoid attack and Security from cyber threats.
  • No Logs of your activity and No Private Information will be collected.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and data, unlimited connection time for streaming movies and shows.
  • Secure your Laptop by downloading IPVanish for Windows and Mac.
  • Protect Privacy, Stay Anonymous Online and Security.
  • Free VPN for a lifetime. The premium package is only for the users who want it.
  • Stream media content on Netflix, Hotstar with better speed and without buffering.

IPVanish for PC

About Android Emulators

The software which provides you independence for emulating Android on Windows and Mac are known as Android Emulators. Over the years we are guiding people on how to download and run Android apps on PC. We always recommend using Android emulators such as BlueStacks and Nox. Although there are more than thirty Android emulators. Not all are workable, even we have tested most of them personally. After examining all of them we conclude that BlueStacks, Nox and Tencent gaming buddy is the best. Gaming buddy is only for playing mobile games on PC. So you have to choose either BlueStacks or Nox to Download IPVanish for PC.

Procedure to download IPVanish for PC


Follow the below steps to download and install IPVanish VPN for PC. Steps to install IPVanish for Windows and Mac are the same.

  1. Download BlueStacks from the official site, Visit
  2. Install the emulator software by double-clicking on.EXE file
  3. Allow the software to make changes in your computer and click on Run to start the installation
  4. Once installation gets completed, launch the emulator
  5. Complete formalities like selecting Language and entering Google Account
  6. Once BlueStacks homepage appears to navigate to Google Play app.
  7. Search for the IPVanish VPN and install it on PC.
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Now we are going to answer general questions asked about IPVanish VPN for PC or for an app specifically.

How do I install IPVanish on my PC?

You have 2 ways to install IPVanish on your PC. Either you can download IPVanish on Windows and Mac from the official website or through Android Emulators. If you ask for a suggestion then we will say to use the official websites. Because you don’t need to use emualtors when you directly install IPVanish.exe file for PC. Now that’s your choice which method you choose.

Is IPVanish VPN free?

No IPVanish for PC is not free infact it is pretty much expensive. You have to pay a monthly subscription according to the package you choose. If you want to a free VPN then you must need to download VPN Master for PC through emulators. Approximately all Windows VPN apps are paid. Only a few VPN extensions on chrome are free for a lifetime with hardly 4 to 5 locations.

How do I download IPVanish on Windows 10?

Well, there is an official version of IPVanish for Windows 10 and previous versions. Go to the official site and choose download for the Windows button. As soon the file gets downloaded completely click on the file. Install the software by clicking on the Allow option and then the Run option.

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