How to Install and Use Liveyes for PC Free, Windows 10, MacOS Laptop/Desktop

Liveyes for PCLiveYes for PC Download, easy steps written down here. Security is now a basic essential of life. People who can afford the security measures, never ignore it. Surely, if you have your own house or you are running an office, you will never miss the security inclusion. Well, the third decade of the 21st century has just started. The technology world is going towards with supersonic speed. Still, the 2 most effective security measures are the Security Guard and Surveillance Cameras also known as CCTV.

Introduction to DIY Surveillance:

Well, massive households and giant size headquarters alike building owners have a proper security network. They have hundreds of cameras and separate security rooms. Where they monitor the live coverage coming directly from the cam network. Well, they can afford it so they paid. What will a person do who is a small businessman or average earning employee? He also wants to secure his property despite the factor of finance. So, what they can do is extremely affordable for them.

Role of LiveYes:

The best and affordable alternative to Security Cam Network is DIY Surveillance. It can be done on a small level but enough for a small house 2700-3000 square foot or a standard size office building. All you need to do is to buy 4 or 5 cameras of a random brand from the market. That contains medium for connection with a smartphone, Especially WiFi and mobile data. Buy a low price DVR, must check either it is configurable with the Cameras or not.

Liveyes for PC

Moving towards the guide section:

  • How to connect CCTV to iOS, Android and Windows.
  • How to install and use LiveYes for PC.
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1) Connect DVRs:

Plugin the DVRs Cable into your laptop or desktop directly VGA or HDMI Cable. Now you have to fill some settings on the Performa to complete the configuration.

  • IP address = (Search MY IP on the browser to get yours, if you don’t know)
  • Subnet mask= (get yours from Windows Command)
  • Gateway = (Enter: ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway” in Windows command)
  • HTTP PORT= 80

2) Configure WiFi Router for DVR:

Windows users need to open internet explorer, Enter OR on address bar. Don’t use Chrome because it is not a stock browser.

Once Router Home Page opens, you need to enter ID and password. The credential are written behind or underneath the WiFi router or its manual in the box.

  • Port=80 or 8080
  • IP address = (Enter yours)
  • Protocol= all
  • Keep the rest of the entries at default.

3) Install LiveYes on your phone:

Once you have installed the LiveYes. Open the app. Sign in with the same credentials as you entered in DVR. Look at the ID and Password from the DVR’s Manual.

  • IP &PORT =
  • ID =Admin (find it in your DVR user manual)
  • PASSWORD=password (find it in your DVR user manual)

By the way, LiveYes is only for iOS, available of App Store directly. It doesn’t make a difference. Android user’s can install the LiveYes APK file which will act the same.

As an Alternative to LiveYes for PC and phone, we want to mention SuperLive HD for PC. It is officially available on Google Play and much better than the LiveYes.

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I know you are wondering how can you install an app that is dedicated to smartphones only. Well, there is a way through which users can install most of the Android apps including LiveYes for PC.

How to install LiveYes for PC:

  1. Download BlueStacks from the official site, Visit
  2. Install the emulator software by double-clicking on.EXE file
  3. Allow the software to make changes in your computer and click on Run to start the installation
  4. Once installation gets completed, launch the emulator
  5. Complete formalities like selecting Language and entering Google Account
  6. Once redirected to BlueStacks home screen. Drag and drop LiveYes APK file which you downloaded recently
  7. Click on the install option, if prompts.
  8. App will take some time for installation.

Open the app and monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world.

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