Free Download Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC, Laptop and Desktop (Windows 10 & macOS)

Saver Reposter for Instagram on PCDownload Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC. Instagram Reposting is one of the tricks that increase followers and likes. Reposting means posting others’ Instagram account pictures of videos to your own account. That’s quite a fun through this thing your presence on the giant social network increases. This is pretty good for individuals and as well as a business too. Only one drawback of the Instagram Reposting is, there is not a built-in reposting option. Either you have to do the reposting manually through URL or you have to use the Saver Reposter for Instagram. This app is available on Android and you can get it on a computer too.

Saver Reposter for Instagram App:

The basic function of this app is reposting on Instagram. But, it have few other important features too. Like, you can save the Video and Photo from any Instagram account to your phone. That’s another option that you can’t get in the Instagram app. This social network seems to be like Snapchat in terms of privacy. I request all the Saver Reposter for Instagram app users, kindly don’t download the content protected by copyright Infringements. And, also avoid getting the stuff from a Private account without their permission. It is ethically wrong to save other person’s private stuff.

Other Features:

Other than downloading this app is also a good copier for Instagram. It gives all options which people want on Instagram but doesn’t available. Like, you can copy the Descriptions, Captions, and even hashtags too. That’s a massive deal. You can get all the trending hashtags in one place. After that, you can paste these hashtags or your posts to make them go viral. Surely your Instagram Followers are going to increase legally and organic too.

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How the Saver Reposter for Instagram Works?

The function of this app is so simple. It works just like the other regular video and photo downloading the app. Here is the guide to use Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC.

Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC

  1. Open the post which you want to save or repost.
  2. Tap on the three-dotted menu icon present at the upright corner of post.
  3. Select the option of Copy Post URL.
  4. Paste the URL in the URL bar of Saver Reposter for the Instagram app.
    Or, Click the saver icon on the notification bar.
  5. Now choose you action, Save or Copy texts, hashtags, etc.

Download and install Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC:

As we have mentioned earlier that the app is available for Android only. It means Instagram for computer users can’t get this Instagram reposting app for Laptop or Desktop. Computers don’t have Android they run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. But, we can still download the Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC.

1• To install Saver Reposter for Instagram for PC running on Mac we need to download the Nox App player first. Visit and download Nox for Mac from there.

1• Download and install the Nox App Player on your Macbook Air/Pro. Visit

2• Complete formalities and follow onscreen instructions.

3• Click on Google Play icon from Nox App Player home screen. Navigate back to the home screen.

4• Enter your Google account which already exists.

5• Go back to the Nox home screen.

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6• Enter the name of app Reposter for Instagram on the Google Play Search bar.

7• Click on the search icon or press the enter button.

8• Choose the Saver Reposter for Instagram app published by skwirrl.

Click on the Install button, wait for a while. After the installation, Saver Reposter for Instagram will be located at the main home screen of the Nox App player among other app. This was the procedure to install Saver Reposter for Instagram on PC, Windows, and Mac.

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