Free Download and install U-Dictionary for PC (Windows & Mac) 2020

In this post, I am going to tell you about U-Dictionary for PC. This is an urban dictionary application, which is so power full in understanding different words and determining whether its a slang or not. Users can see the full-text description of any definition and autocomplete suggestions when you search for anything.

About U-Dictionary:

U-Dictionary is a free dictionary and a translation application. It also removes the language barrier and helps you to become fluent in other languages. This application offers the official Oxford Dictionary in 12 different languages. Offline sentence translation is also available in more than 55 languages.

U-Dictionary for PC

It offers originally developed dictionaries of 44 languages, Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Bilingual Sentences, Sample Sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, Phrases and so on. It also provides English video games and Quiss to improve your English.

This application surpasses all the available dictionaries. U-Dictionary for PC effectively translate texts, pictures, and conversations in more than 100 languages.


U-Dictionary is an excellent Dictionary application, Which offers many additional features that are not available in other similar applications. Some of which is I am going to mention below.

U-Dictionary offers Official Oxford Dictionary in 12 different languages.  Anybody can use this application as a great tool for learning English from different languages.

This feature allows the user to use the U-Dictionary for PC within other applications with the help of a Magic translation ball. That is simpler to Facebook Messengers Chat Head in a small size. But it is on the left side of the screen and hides at the corner. You can also drag the translation ball to any word on your Smart device screen and it will shop you the meaning of the particular word.

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Camera Translation:

Use your device camera to select a word or a sentence to translate. Just select the camera option in the application, then choose what you want to search “word” or “sentence” then direct the camera in focus of the sentence and snap a picture crop to the sentence and your translation will appear instantly. when searching for word the translation will appear in a bubble form above the word as the camera is in focus of a single word.

Conversation Translation:

  • Having a problem understanding someone’s accent? don’t worry U-Dictionary also offers conversation translation just select the accent or language and U-Dictionary will translate it for you. This application offers you to choose between 49 accents and 35 languages.
  • Check your grammar mistakes with this application. Just write a sentence and the application will check if there is any grammar mistake. Enjoy writing English without any grammar mistake.
  • For quick access to the application without opening it, you can just search for any word or sentence translation in the notification bar.

Offline Dictionary:

  • U-Dictionary is available for offline use, Just download the offline dictionary within the application. In offline mode, the application offers  44 languages with Synonyms, Antonyms, Collins Advanced Dictionary, and WordNet Dictionary.
  • Download offline translation package within the application for 58 languages.
  • Show different words on the lock screen as a lock screen magazine. Listen to the pronunciation of the word, also see the definition of the word and synonyms of that word.
  • Copy any word or a sentence in any application and a pop-up will appear for you if you want to translate that word or sentence. This feature is not yet available on Android 10.0+ due to restrictions in permission.
  • Learn from authentic British and American accent. Read and listen to them to learn quickly. See native examples and authentic sentences collected form international news and websites like BBC, NPR, etc.
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Additional Offers:

Learn quickly from word games. Games included are Finding synonyms and spelling game. Play and learn quickly.U-Dictionary is available in 14 languages. Select the language you are comfortable in use this application easily.

Procedure To Download U-Dictionary for PC and Laptop

Its obvious that if you are willing you Download U-Dictionary for PC and Laptop, then you’ll be required to imply a different approach. As I told you earlier, that this app is officially developed only for smartphones. But with the help of third-party apps like Android emulators, its possible for you to get U-Dictionary for PC Download.

U-Dictionary for PC

About Android Emulators: These programs are our only hope using Android apps on PC. Because they allow us to emulate the whole Android interface on a Windows or Mac operating system. All you have to do is download one of such genre software from the trusted source and then start using it for your ease.

Launch BlueStacks:

  • Download BlueStacks
  • Install the software’s exe or dmg file.
  • Open it from the desktop of your PC.

Configure the software:

  • Let the first boot complete.
  • Enter your Google Account.
  • Select a payment plan as free or paid.

Install U-Dictionary for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac):

  • Click on the play store’s icon from BlueStacks.
  • Type U-Dictionary inside the play store’s search bar and press enter.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Thereafter, start using U-Dictionary for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac) through BlueStacks.

That’s all, thanks.

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