Easy Pose For PC Free Download On Windows 10 / Mac

As a huge demand for Easy Pose For PC application. I used this application for a month now, and it really helps me with my drawings. This application basically allows you to create a character and you can do all kinds of pose with it. There are a few applications similar to this application. But Easy Pose application offers many features up to the mark.

This application is available in both Android and Ios. Easy Pose application has more than 5 million downloads in PlayStore only. The size of this application is around 70MB. In-app Products cost from 2.99$ to 14.99$ per item. This application works on Android above 4.1.

Easy Pose For PC

Personal Review:

This is a tool to help you practice and draw different poses. My biggest advice is that don’t rely on this app and you should use this application as a reference only. What I mean that you shouldn’t be tracing on top of the character or simply copying whatever shapes you see on the screen. The poses you created should help you understand the basic geometry of the human body and serves as a guideline.

A lot of sketching practice will help you improve. To get the most out of the shape or the picture, look at the picture as it is in 3D form instead of looking it in a 2D form. Another thing that’s great about the application is that you can look at different angles of a single pose. So when you practice you can draw the front, sides, back even the high and low, end angle of a single pose.

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As technology is getting fast day by day and things are getting easy minute by minute. This Android application can be used on a PC. It is basically made for Android smart devices. But this application helps a lot in sketching and making the pose. Users want to use a big screen to do all the work more easily. Easy Pose for PC works extensively on a computer.

To use Easy Pose for PC. You guys need to install an Android Emulator on your PC. From my experience, I recommend BlueStacks Emulator. This Emulator is fast and easy to use because it is using the latest Android one UI.

Functions And Features

Sensitive Operation:

Easy Pose allows control over all the main joints in an amazingly smooth manner. It provides multiple functions such as a highlight on movable parts, initialization of joints and manipulation state, and finding a symmetrical pose with the mirroring function. Experience controls that are more convenient.

Comic Style Models:

Easy Pose is prepared with models with various body types. Select between many-body options like “male, female, short male, short female, kid, baby, etc”.

Multi-Model Control:

A scene can be made with a maximum of 6 people at once! It is now possible to make a scene of a group of friends(maximum 6) having fun or a couple holding hands and dancing.


Tens of poses that have already been completed. Poses that are used often are already made. About 60 poses have been added to Easy Pose. Disclaimer, you have to watch a video to access some of these poses.

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Easy Pose For PC

Other Features and Functions:

  • Sensitive light expression using direct and backlight settings.
  • Able to observe various poses at various angles.
  • Realistic shadows such as shadows of models being cast over other models.
  • Able to change the angle of view.
  • It provides a wired mode that allows lines drawn over models.
  • Able to download models without the background in a clear background.
  • Automatic saving, making it safe whenever there is a device error.
  • Able to easily control hand movements.

Easy Pose For PC

Important Note:

Your personal data is not stored on the server. Whenever you delete the application all of your data will be lost. To save your data from deleting export your files to your phone.

How to use Easy Pose for PC:

As I suggested the use of BlueStacks Emulator. Download the BlueStacks Emulator from their official website i.e BlueStacks.com. To learn more about BlueStacks Emulator CLICK HERE.

Easy Pose For PC

Installation of BlueStacks:

Once the download is complete, open the EXE file of BlueStcaks to start the installation process. Follow all of the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. When the installation process is complete an Android alike window will appear. Over here select the language you want to use BlueStacks. Now add your active Gmail account or create a new Gmail account. This step is compulsory because Google PlayStore services require a Gmail account to run.

Now your BlueStacks Emulator is ready to use.

Installing Easy Pose for PC using BlueStacks:

Open BlueStacks Emulator (this takes 2-3 minutes). From the home screen of BlueStacks open the PlayStore. In PlayStore search for Easy Pose. Click the application named as Easy Pose – Best Posing App and is created by Madcat Games.

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Easy Pose For PC

Click on the install button to start the downloading process. Once the download is complete installation process will start automatically. After a few minutes, the installation is complete. Open the home screen of BlueStacks there you will see the icon of Easy Pose for PC. Double click on the app’s icon to open it and start using it.

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