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PnPCam for PC

Download and install PnPCam for PC. It is the security camera app. It connects your phone with the home and office security cameras. Visit this tutorial for a complete guide.

Download and install PnPCam for PC. It is the security camera app. It connects your phone with the home and office security cameras. After that, you can monitor your home and office just on your phone screen anytime you want. People who use cameras at their place usually use the LCDs and large size monitoring screens.

PnPCam for PC
But, there are alot of problems with them. The first one they need an uninterrupted power supply so you can’t use them without electricity. Second is that they are neither easy to carry nor portable. So, you can’t keep the equipment with you always. The question is then how to monitor live footage? Well, we have plenty of apps like PnPCam, CamHi Pro, and others. One of these will be a great choice. Just download and install the app and connect it with cameras.

App Features:

  • This app is Plug and play, there is no procedure to set up it and it is already.
  • Shows us the real-time monitoring.
  • Zoom-in option to focus on objects if they seem to be doubtful.
  • Video quality is good, users can monitor the recording in high quality.
  • The motion detection feature is here.

Now we will move towards the procedure to install PnPCam for PC. Developers have launched the official version of the PnPCam for an app for Laptop or Desktop. We also adopted another method to use this app on a laptop. If you want to do the same then we have written steps of what we did exactly.

What are Android Emulators?

You will find alot of Android Emulators. But, may you know not all of them are good. We have used most of the emulators. There are only 2 or 3 Android Emulators which are reasonable. They are stable and workable and give good experience. BlueStacks, Nox App player, and third one Tencent Gaming Buddy. Tencent Emulators I only for games so we have 2 options left. Either Select BlueStacks or Nox App Player and proceed further. According to our point of view.

Download PnPCam for PC Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 (BlueStacks):

1• First of all, open the browser on the PC. Visit BlueStacks.com and download BlueStacks from there. New BlueStacksinstaller.exe file will take a second to install. It has just a 917 KB file size.

2• Click on the downloaded file from the bar. Allow the software to make changes to the computer.

3• The starter pack will appear, click on the button to start installing the complete Emulator.

4• After installation you need to complete some formalities, so follow the on-screen instructions.

5• Google Account is compulsory for installing any app on Emulator. So, enter the existing account (ID and Passwords). In Case if any of you don’t have Google account, click on Create a new account option.

PnPCam for PC

6• After entering Google Account, BlueStacks will take you on its home screen. Open the Google Play app and search for the PnPCam app. Open the app profile and click on the Install button. Alternatively, you can follow the next 3 steps to try another way.

Alternative method:

1• Download PnPCam APK File on the computer. Locate the PnPCam for APk File in PC and right-click on it. Click on Open with option and select BlueStacks.

2• Now BlueStacks will automatically start the installation of PnPCam App APK. Once installation completed you can see the PnPCam for App at BlueStacks Home Screen.

3• That’s all! in the whole procedure you will not face a single paywall.

So, viewers, these were the procedures to download PnPCam for PC running Windows and Mac. See how simple is this task. For any guidance, you can contact us anytime. Comment your problem or report it through our Contact us page.

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