Free Download YCC365 Plus for PC, Windows 10 Laptop and MacBook Air/Pro

YCC365 Plus for PCSave your expense of CCTV Camera setup by installing YCC365 Plus for PC. Due to security concerns all over the world, people prefer to use CCTV cameras to keep inside and outside of their properties. But, there is a problem, setting up cameras is really expensive. You have to pay a lot of this. I mean Monitoring screens, DVRs, Cameras, Cables, Labor jointly cost you alot probably more than 1000$ on average setup. This tutorial includes app features, an explanation on Android Emulators, and a special tricky guide.

Basic Function:

Well, if you want to montior a specific room or corner, you don’t need to put a burden on your pocket. Do you have an old Android smartphone with a working camera, if yes! you can convert that phone into a Camera. YCC365 Plus app is developed for the same purpose.

This app will convert the Old Smartphone as a camera over WiFi and Mobile data. You can connect your current smartphone with that one. By doing this, you can keep an eye on your room, or any home corner. No matter, even you are seven seas away, if you are connected you can monitor.

Additional Features:

In addition to the basic function, you will get the following features for free. Other than the conversion of the phone to the camera, you will get all basic and additional surveillance app services. For example, Motion detection sensor compatibility of the app will alert you when it detects any movement.

  • Sharing live coverage with colleagues or house members is possible through link connection. Two-way communication! yes of course as your camera is a phone so it is possible to do voice communication.
  • The app may offer you cloud storage but it costs 6£ per month. By the way, you don’t need to buy it. You can store the videos on the SD card. If you want cloud storage than Dropbox or Google Drive are more than enough.
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YCC365 Plus for PC

I think the app explanation is quite enough. Now we are writting a few lines on Android Emulators. This software is necessary to install YCC365 Plus for PC.

Philosophy of Android Emulators:

If we call Android Emulator a Hybrid Software than it may not be wrong. Because this software is a combination of system software and application software. It runs the Android alike OS on the Windows and Mac operating systems. That’s quite interesting! I mean you can operate 2 operating systems on each device at the same time.

The term of emulation in technology refers to the cross-platform operation. In easy words a program that allows running other programs on the device which are not dedicated to the operating system. That’s the logic behind Android Emulators, they allow you to install, use/play Android apps/games on PC.

Installing YCC365 Plus for PC, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista:

Step 1• We have already posted a detailed guide on Download BlueStacks Offline Installer. You can download BlueStacks latest version from the guide.

Step 2• To install BlueStacks on Windows, you need to double click on the downloaded “.exe’ file. Windows will prompt to ask you “Do you want to allow this app to make changes in your device?”. Click on the Yes option.

Step 3• At the next step, you need to click on the Install button. After that, your BlueStacks Installation will get started. As the file size is heavy so obviously it will take some minutes to complete the process.

Step 4• Once the installation gets completed, complete the initial formalities. First, you have to select Language. Secondly, you need to enter your Google Account which already exists. This step is necessary for downloading YCC365 Plus for PC.

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Step 5• Now BlueStacks homepage will appear infront of you. Here, you need to locate the Google Play Store icon. Click on the PlayStore to open it. Search the YCC365 Plus on Play Store.

Step 6• Open the YCC365 Plus profile. Click on the Install button to start the installation.

Step 7• Right after installation, you can see YCC365 Plus for PC on your BlueStacks Emulator.

That was the detailed guide to download YCC365 Plus for the computer [Laptop/Desktop]. We tried our best to explain the procedure as simple as possible. Still, if any person requires assistance regarding the procedure. Notify us through the comment box.

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