GameLoop Emulator for PC [Windows 10/8/7/Mac OS] – Free Download

If you are willing to take your gaming experience to the next level, then you should consider downloading GameLoop Emulator for PC. This app player is designed specifically for gamers who want to make their gaming experience worth a while. Becasue its not always easy to play against players from around the globe when your thumb gets numb by the onscreen controls of a smartphone.

For now, this emulator is only available for two specific platforms. You can only install GameLoop Emulator for Windows 10/8/7/Mac operating system. There’s no straight forward way of using this emulator on OS like Linux & Ubuntu. So if you own such systems, then you should be looking for an alternative to getting the job done.

GameLoop Emulator for PC


GameLoop aka Tencent Gaming Buddy is developed specifically for games like PUBG & COD Mobile. The emulator is developed to bring ease into the lives of players & fans of Tencent games. So players can enjoy playing their favorite games with the help of a mouse & keyboard. Even if they have connected game controllers with their computers, they can use them for further gaming convenience.

The developers know that with the development of programs like BlueStacks & Nox Emulator, they have gotten their hands into a tough market. So they have decided to add some of the great features which you can’t find in any other app players. But the key facility provided in GameLoop Emulator for PC is its lightweight interface.

Process To Use GameLoop Emulator for PC and Laptop

Before leading you towards any steps of using GameLoop Emulator for PC and Laptop, I want you to know about some things about the software. It doesn’t run on all sorts of computers. But a user’s device is required to meet the following requirements for a better cross-platforming experience.

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  • OS: Windows 10/8/7/Mac
  • RAM: 2GB or above.
  • Updated graphics drivers
  • ROM: 2GB free disk space.
  • Graphics Card: 1GB+

Download Link:

I’m going to provide you with a safe file link to download GameLoop Emulator for PC. So that you can say no becoming a victim of scammers. But before downloading the program’s file, ensure that your disk drive has a free space of 9.1MB. If it’s ok, then you don’t need to worry about downloading the emulator.

Installation Procedure:

GameLoop Emulator for PC

  • Download GameLoop Emulator’s raw file (exe or dmg).
  • After downloading the emulator’s file, launch it directly from your web browser.
  • If you are unable to open it from the browser, then launch it from your downloads folder.
  • Once you do that, the emulator will start to install.
  • When the installation process of GameLoop Emulator for PC is complete, you’ll be provided with its home interface.
  • Now you can navigate into your desired menu to enjoy games on PC.

Key Benefits of Using GameLoop Emulator for PC

Following are the main features of the software:

Fast Download – For players who are annoyed by having to wait for their favorite games to download, they should use this emulator. Because it is designed to work fast & efficiently. It works on the principles of the first impression is the last impression. So whenever you are willing to download/install a game, it gets the job done in a matter of seconds.

Bigger Display – No doubt, if you are using an emulator to play games on PC, you would always want a big screen. And that’s what this emulator has to offer you. If you are not ok with the normal-sized display of the emulator, you can also enable the full screen. This way, you get to enjoy your favorite games on a bigger display without any questions asked.

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Gaming Controls – For the ease of players, the emulator provides transparent onscreen gaming controls. They are not annoying at all but allows you to control your gaming avatars & weapons. It’s beneficial specifically for the players of battle royale games, so they can view the whole map anytime they want to.

Live Streams – Not a single emulator lets you live stream gaming feeds. But in this program, players are allowed to share their live gaming feeds & even watch the ones that are shared by others. Even a player is allowed to watch the live feed of specific games which he selects from the available categories.

Game Center – There’s no need to enter use APK method to download a game. Because different genre games are available in the game center of GameLoop Emulator for PC. All you have to do is either search for it or navigate to the related game category. When done, just open the game and install it with a single click.

Language Support – Not every player knows to speak to English. Some of them are from UAE and some from Asian countries, so in this emulator, you are allowed to select a language of your choice. All of the famous languages are supported by the software and you are allowed to select one, depending on your choice.

Free Account Profile – If you login to GameLoop Emulator for PC, then you get to benefit yourself from syncing your game data. This way, you can add all of your favorite games into your account. It’s also beneficial for those who want to share their gaming feeds online through the Live section.

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That’s all, thanks.

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