Free install Garuda VPN for PC, Windows 10 and MacOS 10.15 Catalina

Garuda VPN for PCDownload Garuda VPN for PC. The virtual private network also is known as VPN acts as a tunnel. An underground way between your PC, smartphone, or tablets and the website or the application that you are trying to access. This is an encrypted tunnel that no one can beach. It lets you access all the restricted sites or applications by changing your IP and redirecting your connection through a VPN server in another country. This makes you totally anonymous on the internet that no one can detect you and you can access any website or any app you want.

Garuda VPN is one of the best and fast VPN. It allows you to get access to the restricted sites and apps in your region. it provides you proxy servers all over the world. Garuda hides your original IP address by providing you a fake IP. Using this fake IP, you can get access to your favorite stuff. It keeps you safe from any internet threat.

Features of Garuda VPN

Garuda VPN is enriched with a lot of amazing features. These features include unblocking, anonymous searching, virtual IP, fast and stable, and many others.

Let’s have a look at these exciting features.


  • Unblocking Sites/Apps

The Garuda VPN lets you unblock all the apps and sites that are restricted in your region. like, if you are at your school and you want to use Facebook, but Facebook is restricted over school WIFI. Use Garuda VPN to use Facebook on your school WIFI. Similarly, if you are at your office and want to search for a site that is blocked by your management. You can easily access that site by connecting yourself with a VPN.

  • Anonymous Searching
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The app allows you to browse the internet anonymously that no one is either able to see your activity or to detect your presence on the internet. There will be no data saved on all of your browsers when you are connected to VPN.

Garuda VPN for PC

  • Pirated IP

The app provides you a fake or virtual IP that allows you to enjoy playing different games or using different apps that are restricted at your location. this fake IP connects your device with the server in other countries.

  • Fast and Stable

Garuda VPN provides you a fast and stable connection with other servers. But the condition is your internet connection should give a chance to Garuda VPN for disconnection.

Let move to the main course and that is downloading Garuda VPN for PC.

How to install Garuda VPN for PC, Windows, and Mac:

As we have mentioned earlier that the app is available for Android only. It means Instagram for computer users can’t get this Meeting and dating app for Laptop or Desktop. Computers don’t have Android they run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. But, we can still download the Garuda VPN for PC.

1• To install the Garuda VPN for PC running on Mac we need to download the Nox App player first. Visit and download Nox for Mac from there.

1• Download and install the Nox App Player on your Macbook Air/Pro. Visit

2• Complete formalities and follow onscreen instructions.

3• Click on Google Play icon from Nox App Player home screen. Navigate back to the home screen.

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4• Enter your Google account which already exists.

5• Go back to the Nox home screen.

6• Enter the name of app Garuda VPN – Rencontre et amour on the Google Play Search bar.

7• Click on the search icon or press the enter button.

8• Choose the Garuda VPN published by Garuda VPN.

Click on the Install button, wait for a while. After the installation, Garuda VPN will be located at the main home screen of the Nox App player among other app. This was the procedure to install the Garuda VPN for PC, Windows, and Mac.


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