Geeni for PC Download [Windows (10/8/7) & Mac] – Free

Control and manage your smart home appliances via Geeni for PC and Laptop. This app lets you control all your electric home appliances from anywhere you want. All it requires for you is an internet connection and one-time registration which doesn’t cost your anything. It’s just like your dreams coming true.

To be honest, this application is yet only available for mobile devices. You can’t access the app’s services on your computer until you are ok with using the services of third-party software. So here, I’ll demonstrate what you require to install “Geeni for Windows 10/8/7/Mac” operating system.

There are things that I would like to share with my readers in this guide. For instance, my experience while using Geeni on Android. I tested this app and still am using it on my Android device. The liked the most about this lifestyle app was of its simple and intuitive interface which are hard to find in the same genre apps.

So after using the app’s services on my mobile, I wanted to get Geeni for PC Download. So I started to do some online research to complete the task all by myself. And after 10 minutes of search over the internet, I discovered a way to get the job done. I would like to share the same procedure with you, but after I’m done talking about the app’s basic services.

What is Geeni?

Geeni is one of the best productivity tools that’s available on the Google Play Store. As the app is developed only for the happy customers of Geeni smart home products, so no charges are implied to its users. But before using the app’s services for the first time, a user has to login or register for a new account.

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As compared to other home appliances app, this app is quite easy to handle. Because it is developed by the top-notch developers of Merkury Innovations. So switch on/off an appliance, all you have to do is tap once on its button. Yes, this is all that the app requires from you, to save your electricity.

To start using the Geeni app’s services, you have to add all your devices to your account. For that, you need to search for the nearby devices and then select the ones, as you desire. And if you want, you can allow others to have access to the same products. Meaning, other users can also control your home appliances, but only if you allow them to do so.

There are tons of great benefits to using this app. For example, you can use it to benefit yourself by access to cloud video monitoring services. It’s obvious that such a goal can only be achieved if you’ve installed IP/network cams on your property. And if you have such sorts of cam devices, then you can also save their videos directly to the cloud storage.

How Can I Download Geeni for PC and Laptop?

If you really want to Download Geeni for PC and Laptop, then you should consider using Android emulators. I’m telling you this because an emulator lets you emulate a whole Android interface on your computer. So if you are willing to get Geeni for PC Download, then you should only be using the services of BlueStacks App Player.

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Geeni for PC Download

Installing Geeni for Windows 10/8/7/Mac OS

Step 1. Download the BlueStacks emulator from here. I recommend that you never download any software from untrusted sources because they can harm your PC.

Step 2. After downloading the BlueStacks.exe file, open it to start installing the software. Accept the software’s installation license and keep clicking on the Next button. In the end, check the “Launch BlueStacks” checkbox and click on the Finish button.

Step 3. In BlueStacks, before leading you towards its home interface, you’ll be asked to fill some startup forums. Like selecting a software UI language, a payment plan & entering your Gmail ID. Fill the forums and see the next step.

Step 4. Now that you have met all the requirements, you’ll be redirected to the home interface of the software. From there, you need to click once on the play store icon to start using Google Play Services on PC.

Step 5. Type “Geeni” in the search bar of the play store and press enter.

Step 6. Click on the “Install” button and wait for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 7. After the successful installation of Geeni for Windows 10/8/7/Mac OS, you can use it on your machine.

That’s all, thanks.

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