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Protect your property from invaders through Guardzilla for PC and Laptop. This application lets you watch the live feed of your IP cams anywhere anytime. All it asks of you is a healthy internet connection to help you connect your device with the cameras installed on your property.

You should be glad to know that the app’s services are free for smartphone users. But if you are willing to use it on your computer, then you’ll be required to imply a third-party approach. So here, I’ll discuss how’s it possible to install “Guardzilla for Windows 10/8/7/Mac” operating systems.

Guardzilla for PC

First of all, I would like to tell a little about my experience while using Guardzilla on Android. I started to trust this app after I had installed Guardzilla cams on my property. The surveillance system was cheap so I thought that there would be nothing wrong with using an app that’s produced by the product’s manufacturers.

Now that I was done testing the app on my smartphone, I wanted to get Guardzilla for PC Download. I knew that it wasn’t officially possible, but still, I searched over the internet to get the job done. After doing some online research, I discovered a method that I would like to share with you in this article.

What is Guardzilla?

Guardzilla is one of the best lifestyle apps available on Google Play Store. The app is designed for users who want to claim remote surveillance services. Yes, this means that now users can watch the live footage of their network cams from anywhere they like. But they are also required to login before claiming any service.

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Once you launch the app for the first time, you are taken directly to the Sign-in page. And after you complete such forums, you are allowed to start using the app’s services for your ease. So now a user can connect his cam devices, but only if he’s near them. Because the connection is only possible if both of his devices are connected with the same network.

A good thing about Guardzilla is that it helps you customize your settings without any hassle. For instance, you can enable or disable the live feed of a particular device anytime you want to. Watch the live feed and save videos from it directly into your device’s disk storage. Add more-n-more cameras as you like to do so.

The number of options is huge, but the app’s developed with a simple UI. So there’s no chance of getting lost into the appearance & customization options. As for further convenience, a user is allowed to enter his email and enable the push notification to get notified about every little detail.

Method to Download Guardzilla for PC and Laptop

To download Guardzilla for PC and Laptop, you need to acquire the services of Android emulators. Because this way, you’ll be allowed to emulate your mobile’s screen on a computer as well. But you can’t get this application directly on your PC, so you’ll have to use third-party programs to complete the task.

Guardzilla for PC Download

About Android Emulators: These programs are designed for users who want to enjoy Android apps on PC. Because they allow you to emulate the whole Android interface on a Windows or Mac operating system. And if you want to get Guardzilla for PC Download, I highly recommend you use BlueStacks App Player.

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Installing Guardzilla for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac)

⇒ Download BlueStacks emulator on your PC. I would recommend you to download it from here. Because there are plenty of scam sites and you may never wanna risk the security of your PC.

⇒ After downloading the emulator, you need to open the downloaded file to start its installation process. While installing the software, just remember to select a disk location where you want to store the installation files. Apart from that, just keep following the on-screen instructions and it would take about 3 to 4 minutes to install BlueStacks.

⇒ When the installation process is completed, double-click on the newly created BlueStacks icon available on the desktop of your PC.

⇒ In the beginning, the emulator will provide you with some details about it’s processing phenomenon. You can skip this part or watch it to understand how it works.

⇒ Now that you have watched the BlueStacks tutorial, the program will ask you to complete some startup forums. Like entering your Gmail ID (the same Gmail account you have entered on your smartphone) and selecting a payment plan as free or premium.

⇒ After completing the startup forums, you’ll be redirected to the home interface of BlueStacks. Now you need to open the play store by clicking on its icon.

⇒ Type Guardzilla in the search bar of the play store and select the app that’s developed by Guardzilla.

⇒ Click once on the install button and wait for its complete installation.

⇒ When done, you can launch Guardzilla for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac).

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That’s all, thanks.

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