Home Security Camera for PC, Windows 10 and Mac – Free Download

Download Home Security Camera for PC to keep eye on your baby from an old smartphone. We all know that CCTV’s complete setup is very costly. Not all people can afford the complete setup because it can cost you more than 1000$ on simple products. People who have a small household matter, just as keeping eye on Dog or Baby, not need to spend that much money. Only a single old smartphone can deal with this matter? That’s simple! read the next paragraph. We are going to show you how to turn your spare Android smartphone into a camera. Later, you can see a couple of steps that lead you to download a Home Security Camera for PC.

Its very simple!

All you need is 2 Android smartphones, one which is not is your use and the other one that you are using. Install the Home Security Camera app on your both phones. Activate the app to make it ready for use. There is no specific requirement to make the app ready. It requires specific right on your phone, give it. Now the old smartphone will play the role of a security camera. A new smartphone will act as the monitoring screen. Connect both phones with each other through any of the mediums that are provided.

Home Security Camera for PC

Now the condition to use the app is the active internet connection. The uninterrupted power supply is also an essential part of the smartphone (Camera one!).  So that the device never turned off!. On the other hand, the monitoring part can be done on the new phone. Internet connection is a must for both devices. Place limitations are not applicable. You can monitor all around the world where the internet is present.

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Android apps on computers and Android Emulators!

Well, you all no Android apps can’t be run on any platform that is not assigned for. Infact no operating system app supports the other OS. Unless it is carried through the emulation process. In the technology world, people refer emulation to run one program to cross-platform that is not assigned by official developers. So, according to this logic, we can define Android Emulators simple. Software that performs Android Emulation on non-dedicated devices like computers is known as Android Emulators.

Best Android Emulator is Bluestacks, so we prefer to continue with it. If someone wants another option than Nox App Player Sounds Good. Installation of Home Security Camera for PC will be easy through anyone of these.

How to Install Home Security Camera for PC:

Here is the procedure of downloading the Home Security Camera for PC. The steps are simple and written in detail to make our viewers understand them better.

Download BlueStacks

You need to download BlueStacks first to proceed further. Either you can install BlueStacks online installer for Windows and Mac from the official site. Or, you can get the BlueStacks offline installer from the guide which we have already drafted.

Installation of BlueStacks

Locate the BlueStacks downloaded file in the Downloads folder, press Ctrl+J. Double click on the executable file to open it. Grant permission to the app to make changes to your computer. It will take some time to get installed completely

Get registered with Google Account

Like the Android OS on a smartphone, Android Emulator also required the Google Account to activate Google Play services. You need to enter the Google Account that is currently activated and in-use. Otherwise, you need to create a new one right now.

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Install Home Security Camera for PC

Now the final steps have arrived. Its time to install Home Security Camera for PC. On the BlueStacks home screen. Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Home Security Camera app on the search bar. Pick the app and click o the install button. Your installation will get started right after you clicked on the button.

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