iVMS-4500 HD For PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/XP & Mac]

Download iVMS-4500 HD For PC and Laptop with the help of our guide. As we know that it’s an elite version of iVMS-4500 app which has plenty of new and amazing features. But as the name describes itself, this app offers a high-quality video live feed of Hikvision security cameras. We found this app very helpful in monitoring things with a full focus.

We all know the purpose of a surveillance app, it is used to connect CCTV cameras with smartphones or PC. That’s what, iVMS-4500 HD app is about. It allows users to get the live feed of security cameras anywhere they want to. It does works with the help of an internet connection, but it’s good for people who like to travel a lot.

iVMS-4500 HD For PC

An intriguing fact about iVMS-4500 HD is it lets users connect multiple camera devices. But you can’t see every glimpse of the live feed if you are watching multiple feeds at the same time. At first, we found that maybe it’s a drawback of the app and this issue hasn’t got any attention of the developers.

But then after watching the people’s review, we found that you can view a singular live feed on a full screen. To be honest, it was a relief, because it was the only problem we had with the app. That’s why we want our viewers to use iVMS-4500 HD For Windows & Mac. It’s best for those who take security measurements seriously.

iVMS-4500 HD Overview

iVMS-4500 HD is free surveillance tool developed Hik-connect users. It is developed to help individuals connect their mobile phones or computers with security systems. The basic facility of this application is to connect a user’s device with an IP camera or digital recorders. With these services, users can get the live feed service any time they want to.

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For users willing to watch the old-time saved live feed videos, they can always use this app. Because all of the videos are saved in the digital recorders and users can access them whenever they want to. The compatible digital recorders are the DVRs & NVRs, which let users save a huge amount of data storage.

iVMS-4500 HD doesn’t consume a lot of your mobile data. Even you can run it on an Android 3.0. So you can see that this app is not made to annoy users but to help them. Likewise, if you download iVMS-4500 HD For PC, you can easily run it with a 4GB RAM. So the high-quality live feed with all the basic features, it is the best product in the market.

The most famous features of iVMS-4500 HD includes alarm notification & PTZ. Both of the services are available in most of the monitoring apps but what’s makes this one any different. Well, in the PTZ mode, users are provided with a joystick on the full-screen with the view of a live feed on the background. As for alarm notifications, you can always customize the motion detectors as you desire.

How To Download iVMS-4500 HD For PC and Laptop?

The best solution to download iVMS-4500 HD For PC is with the help of Android emulators. Because they are made for users who find difficulty in getting iVMS-4500 HD.exe files. So have drafted a 100% tested and working guide to install iVMS-4500 HD For Windows & Mac. But we take you there, let’s have a small chat about Android emulators.

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iVMS-4500 HD.exe

What is an Android Emulator?

An Android emulator is a third-party software which allows users to emulate Android apps on PC. They do come in different varieties, but all of them mostly work the same. There is only one thing common in every official emulator, you are going to enter your Gmail account credentials inside it. Else, the only difficulty you are going to face in locating the Play Store in it. Apart from these two, they work well for downloading iVMS-4500 HD For PC.

Downloading iVMS-4500 HD For PC Through NoxPlayer

We are going to use NoxPlayer to download iVMS-4500 HD For PC. It’s because this emulator works best for both users willing to download iVMS-4500 HD For Windows or iVMS-4500 HD For Mac. This emulator’s update comes for both operating systems. Moreover, it is a light-weight emulator which does not consume a lot of PC’s performance speed. You can even run it on a computer having 2GB RAM and no graphical cards. So without any further due, it’s time we get to know how to download iVMS-4500 HD For Laptop.

  • Download & Install NoxPlayer on PC or Laptop. (Download Link)
  • After installing Nox.exe file, open it.
  • See the startup tutorial to learn how Nox controls work.
  • From its homepage, navigate to Google folder and open the play store app.
  • Inside the play store, type iVMS-4500 HD in the search bar and press enter.
  • Click once on the install button and accept the installation license.
  • In about 10 to 15 seconds, iVMS-4500 HD For PC will be installed.
  • You can now use the app on your computer any time you want to.
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Is iVMS-4500 HD For PC Free?

Yes, downloading & using iVMS-4500 HD For PC is free. Users are required to enter their Google account but it is only so they can access apps from Google Play Store. However, if you still don’t want to add any sort of personal info inside an Android emulator, just start uploading the APK files in it.

How Do You Use iVMS-4500 HD For PC?

Open iVMS-4500 HD For PC, open the app’s menu. First, click on devices and then on the (+) icon. Now start adding as many devices you want to. But you need to make sure that you first log in with your registered Hik-Connect account.

How Do I Delete Recordings From My iVMS-4500 HD Account?

After installing iVMS-4500 For PC, open the app. Now navigate the menu tab and hit HDD. Select General from the left-side menu bar and check the HDD option. Now tap on Init and enter your account info. Afterward, you will be able to enter your DVR videos tab and here you can select any video you want to delete.

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