KKMOON for PC – Use for free on Windows 10, Mac

Download the KKMOON app on your PC. View the stream of your security camera from your PC just follow the steps discussed below to get the app on your PC.

KKMOON for Mac

What is the KKMOON PC app?

Home security is getting cheaper, smarter, and easier every year. Thus, the market is dwindling for standalone home security apps. Most of the better ones combine with a smart security camera these days. Still, there are a few options to explore for those who still have old phones laying around. Here are the best home security apps for Android! Those looking for home security cameras

XMEye is video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. With cloud technology, easy log in by the device’s serial number to show the live view monitoring video to Android phone and do operation accordingly.

What can you expect


Install the KKMOON app on your spare devices and pocket phone. Sign in with any Gmail account as “camera” & “viewer”. Place the Camera device anywhere of interest at home, in the kitchen, the garage, your office. Monitor live on the pocket phone anywhere with internet.


Enjoy peace of mind without keeping a constant eye on things. KKMOON for PC app provides an automated motion detection schedule. Once a motion is detected, it starts a siren alarm to scare the intruder away. Link your Google Drive and Dropbox on both the camera and viewer so that the KKMOON camera can also upload the motion video to your cloud storage. You may even enable 24/7 recording to the cloud. Simple and secure!

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All videos are stored directly to your personal cloud storage in Google Drive or Dropbox. You can sign up for free and use GBs of Free Cloud Storage with the app.


Receive a push notification immediately when an intruder is detected, or your elderly relatives are moving about their day. Playback event recordings from the cloud storage.


Talk while watching the live streaming. Send voice to the camera device. Prevent a negative action before it ever happens

KKMOON app on Windows


  • IP camera for home security
  • Event detection and instant alert to your mobile devices
  • Remote audio and video recording
  • Route recording for location history
  • Two-way audio
  • Remote buzz that rings a missing device, even if it’s in silent mode
  • Night vision mode that helps you see in the dark
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Cloud storage to backup your recordings
  • High reliability and excellent video quality at low bandwidth that saves your data usage
  • Super easy to install and one-click connection from anywhere in the world
  • Remote control of Front and Rear camera switch
  • Integration with Gmail account
  • Secured access: You are the only one who can access your connected devices.
  • Multi-network support: KKMOON for Windows app supports all types of networks: Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.
  • Real-time and low latency: to ensure you get updates on events immediately and watch the video in real-time.
  • Universal accessibility: Access any of your devices from anywhere in the world.
KKMOON app PC download

How to Install the KKMOON app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to Install the NoxPlayer emulator on your PC.
  2. Run the EXE file on your PC to complete the installation of the emulator
  3. Open the emulator, it may take some time to start initially as it will download some additional files.
  4. Now what you need is to install the APK file of the app on your PC. You can download it from any source you trust.
  5. Open the location of the downloaded APK file and right-click on it
  6. In the dropbox menu, you will see an option of “Open with BlueStacks” click on it and the app will be installed on your PC.
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If you are an iPhone user you can use the KKMOON app on your device.

Final thoughts

The very best home security apps pair with their hardware counterparts. Popular smart home products like Nest, Netgear, and LG smart cameras have their own apps.

Additionally, some traditional security companies like ADT or Vivint started rolling out their own apps.

Finally, there is a range of security cameras available from companies like KKMOON and most of those have apps as well. Generally speaking, your best bet is to find the hardware camera that works best for you and just use the app it comes with. And if you have chosen the KKMOON security product and now want to use their app on your PC you can do that as well.

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