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Nowadays Android Emulators are making its place in everyone’s PC. LDPlayer For PC is also a new Android Emulator which was recently launched.  Android Emulator is currently in high demand because they allow us to use Android games and apps on PC. You can use LDPlayer for different reasons.

Why Do You Want To Use Android Emulator on your PC?

An Android Emulator allows you to use Android applications on your PC. It is an amazing thing for people that they can operate 2 operating systems on one PC. Now people have a lot of options in the Android Emulators. Now they have got Nox App Player, BlueStacks, Tencent Gameloop, and many others. But, no one can compete with LDPlayer For PC when it comes to compatibility, App support, Stability, and speed. There are different reasons why you may want to use an Android emulator on your computer

1 ) You are a gamer and want to use play Android games on a PC. Using an Android emulator it is easy to play games on a PC. Using an Emulator you don’t have to worry about the battery of your smart device or the specs of your phone to play a game. Play any game you desire.

2 ) If you are Android games and Application Developer and you want to test your application on different devices before you launch it. Android Emulator is the best place to do all that work for you.

3 )  You can download and use all the applications available on the PlayStore. It can be a video editing App or a cookbook. Easily download and use any application of your choice.

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LDPlayer For PC

Features and Functions Of  LDPlayer For PC:


LDPlayer For PC is using the latest and updated version of PlayStore. This allows you to download and install any application and game on your PC. Use PlayStore the same as you use it on your Android smart device.

APK Installer: 

This player also supports APK files. Download the AKP file of applications and games which are not available on the PlayStore or even if you encounter an application that is not available in the LD Store, it is still possible for you to download and install its APK files into this emulator.

LDPlayer For PC

Screen Recorder:

LDPlayer has a built-in Screen Recorder which you can use to record your gameplay without and disturbance of third party screen recorder. However, note that the screen recorder does not support the use of keyboard shortcuts. As a result, you have to rely on the use of the menu of the screen recorder for stopping or starting screen records. If you had become used to excellent keyboard shortcuts found in screen recorders of other Android emulators, then you may encounter some difficulties.


If you are a gamer and want to use different gamePads and controllers for gaming. You can simply click the GamePad button located in the title bar for setting up your controller on the Emulator for gameplay.

Download LDPlayer For PC:

Downloading and installing of LDPlayer For PC is very simple. Just follow these easy steps to Download and install LDPlayer For PC.

Step 1: 

  • Visit the official website of the LDPlayer. Over here you will see two bright yellow buttons in the middle of the screen. The left yellow button is LDPlayer 3.0 which offers an Android version of Android 5.1. The Right yellow button is LDPlayer 4.0 which offers the latest version of Android i.e Android 7.1.
  • Choose which version of the LDPlayer you want to download. I suggest you download the latest version of the LDPlayer. Click the download button for LDPlayer to be downloaded on your computer.
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LDPlayer For PC

Step 2:

  • Once the download is complete open the folder where you have downloaded the LDPlayer EXE file. Click on the LDPlayer installation icon i.e ldpinst.exe. Once you have clicked on the Installation button it will now open and display an installation or setup screen. To start the installation click on the Install Now button. The status of the installation is shown in the progress bar as a percentage. You have to be patient until the installation status reaches 100%.
  • Once the installation has been completed, a message labeled Installation Success is displayed. Double click on the installed Emulator icon. When LDPlayer loads for the first time, it will take some time. Once the loading is over, you can proceed to start installing and using your favorite games and applications on the emulator.

This is how you can download and install LDPlayer on PC.

After using LDPlayer for PC. I am impressed, how good this Emulator performer. You can use multiple accounts for simultaneously playing multiple games. This Emulator performs depending on your PC specs. If you are using good specs then the LDPlayer on computer will perform extensively. The developers of this application are consistently working on the Emulator to add more features and get rid of all the bugs that come with any update.

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