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For the safety of your family & loved ones, you should download Life360 for PC and Laptop. This app lets you keep a record of the exact location of your beloved ones. And if you are a single parent, you would always wanna protect your children from the traffic mishaps and ask them to only take the safe routes to reach their destiny.

The only thing wrong which I encountered with this app is its unavailability for computers. Yes, I know that its a GPS & family locator app, but what about the users who want to use its services when they are not allowed to use a smartphone. That’s why I’ve decided to help you discover a way to install “Life360 for Windows 10/8/7/Mac”.

Life360 for PC

Before leading you towards any further guidance, I would like to share my experience with Life360 on Android. Before becoming a permanent user of this app, I tested the services of this app. At first, I was amazed by the facilities I got from it. Because at the moment, I wanted to get an alternative to TrackView.

After using this application for let’s say 2 or 3 days, I decided to get Life360 for PC Download. Because at my workplace, I was not allowed to use a personal mobile device, but I never wanted to stop caring for my loved ones. So after some online research, I got what I was looking for and that’s what I’ll share with you in this article.

What is Life360?

Life360 is a lifestyle app that’s one part of the editor’s choice on Google Play Store. It’s an open-source free app that gets to use without paying a single penny. In my opinion, the reason why people love using this app is because of its simple & intuitive UI. Also, its a fully-featured app that is easy to configure.

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To use the services of this app, a user needs to ensure that his GPS is enabled. Because without it, the app would not be allowed to pick up your exact location and there’ll be no point in using it. Its mainly because it gathers all the data according to a user’s location. So when it is unable to collect such info, it stops providing its services.

But you need to be aware of the fact that it’s totally secure to use this app. It ensures a user’s private data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. No matter what happens, no third-party user is allowed to view the activities of your account. Same implies to users whom activities you see on your device, it’s only for those who are allowing you to watch & guide them.

One thing that I liked the most about Life360 is its companionship services. A user is allowed to make a group of friends & family members to share their routes with one another. Even if they want, they are allowed to chat with each other anytime they want to. Furthermore, you can also use this app to guide you with a safe route to your desired destination.

Strategy To Download Life360 for PC and Laptop

Now its time to help you download Life360 for PC and Laptop. In my opinion, you can only complete such a task, if you are ok with using the services of Android emulators. Because these cross-platforming programs let a user enjoy the whole Android interface on a Windows or Mac operating system.

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Life360 for PC Download

But there are plenty of such genre emulators available in the market. So I would personally recommend you to trust BlueStacks for this purpose. Because it’s the only emulator that has no bad opinions and reviews by its users. Also, it works well for anyone who is willing to get Life360 for PC Download.

Install Life360 for Windows 10/8/7/Mac

  • Download BlueStacks.exe and install it on your PC. (Full Guide)
  • If the emulator doesn’t open by itself, you can launch it by double-clicking on its icon from the desktop.
  • Wait for BlueStacks to complete the first boot process.
  • From the moment you start seeing its home interface, click on the Google Play Store.
  • Enter your Google ID inside the play store forums to access Google Play Services on PC.
  • Once you are redirected to the play store, you need to use its search bar to open Life360.
  • Now click on the install button and wait for it.
  • Afterward, start using Life360 for Windows 10/8/7/Mac from the main interface of BlueStacks.

That’s all, thanks.

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