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Get the live feed of IP cams on a bigger screen by downloading MIPC for PC and Laptop. If you are facing trouble in focusing on live feeds, you should try to download this app for a computer. Because it will help you to watch things with more focus. You can’t ignore the fact that a bigger screen is always good for live surveillance purposes.

I’m kind of a person who can’t stay at a place for a long time. I’ve to go visit different placed and go on different business trips. But I always do want to secure my property from the criminal threats. Like burglars, it is hard to ignore the fact that such people don’t much what you do for a living. They just barge into your house and take whatever they want to.


So to keep my belongings and property from criminal threats, I decided to install IP cameras in different places at my house. After that, I got MIPC for remote surveillance services. But then, I was still having trouble in using such services during meetings and while doing office work. Then I knew, it’s time to get MIPC for PC Download.

To be honest, it took me a little longer to find a solution to getting cam monitoring services on a computer. But you don’t need to worry about searching over the internet because here, I’ll tell exactly what’s the 100% working way to complete this task. However, at first, let’s talk about the key facilities of the app.

What is MIPC?

MIPC is one of the best remote surveillance open-source app available on the Google Play Store. It’s best because of its friendly UI and its services are the same for the free & premium users. Not just that, you can connect as many IP cameras with this app, but you need a good internet connection for HD live streaming.

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Connecting an IP cam with MIPC is a simple task to achieve. Because it supports cloud surveillance services, you can connect cameras by searching for the devices connected with the same network. To start, all you have to do is log in and search for the devices connected with the same WiFi. Select the ones you want to connect and you are good to go.

Lots of good & beneficial services are available for the users of this app. For starters, you can save the live feed videos directly onto your device’s disk storage. And also, access the video playback facility to watch the old-time saved videos. Select the ones you want to keep or delete the ones you don’t want anymore, it’s up to your preferences.

If you are of watching the live feed 24/7, then you can use the push notifications services. This would allow you to get notified every time a person is trying to enter your property forcibly. To make sure that you get such notifications instantly, try to enter your active email account, which you are using currently.

How To Download MIPC for PC and Laptop?

To download MIPC for PC, you need to consider installing an Android emulator on your PC. Because this app is only available for smartphones, and there is no official way of getting this app for a computer. But before leading you towards a guide of getting MIPC for PC Download, let’s have a short talk about third-party programs.

MIPC for PC Download

What are Android Emulators?

Android emulators are our only source of using Android applications on PC. They allow us to emulate a whole Android interface on a computer, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune to access their services. But the emulator we are going to use in our guide will only help you install MIPC for Windows 10/8/7/Mac.

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Downloading MIPC for Windows 10/8/7/Mac

  • Download BlueStacks.exe on your computer. (Download Link)
  • After you have downloaded the software’s raw file, open it, either directly from the web browser or default downloads folder. While installing the software, don’t forget to select a location where you want to save the installation files. Apart from that, keep following the on-screen instructions for the further installation process.
  • Now that, BlueStacks on PC is installed, you need to open it.
  • In the beginning, you need to perform the following tasks to configure BlueStacks.
    1. Enter your Gmail account details to access Google Play Services on PC.
    2. Select a language for Software UI.
    3. Choose a payment plan (you are allowed to select free or just skip this part).
  • When the configuration process is completed, the emulator will take you to its main interface.
  • Click once on the play store icon.
  • Type MIPC in the search bar of the play store and press enter.
  • Hit the install button and wait for approx 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After the successful installation of MIPC for Windows 10/8/7/Mac, you can use its services inside the emulator.

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