Online Teaching Degree Master’s Program

Online Teaching Degree Master’s Program: An online teaching degree is a program of study that prepares individuals to become teachers in K-12 schools or other educational settings. These degree programs are typically offered by accredited colleges and universities and can be completed entirely online. They may include coursework in education theory, teaching methods, classroom management, and curriculum design, as well as a student teaching or internship component. Upon completion of an online teaching degree, graduates may be eligible to apply for a teaching license or certification in their state or country.

Earn Your Master’s in Online Teaching:

  • $627/credit (36 credits total)
  • Transfer up to 12 graduate credits
  • Learn how to teach online
  • Complete in as few as 15 months
  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • Address the needs of remote/hybrid student populations

Online Teaching Degree Concentration Overview:

The 2020 pandemic has transformed the world of teacher education. Teachers used to managing classrooms full of students have been turned on their head, moving to virtual and hybrid environments in the wake of quarantine and stay-at-home orders.
teachers spontaneously made changes, often with little or no training. “When schools introduced distance learning for many teachers, without warning they were pushed into the realm of online learning and had to learn by doing,” said Dr. Daniel Tanguay, Senior Associate Dean of Education at Southern New Hampshire University.”As a result, many teachers have been incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed by the process, and some teachers still feel lost and intimidated by their ability to get to know their students well over time.”

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With this in mind, SNHU developed the Master of Education (MEd) program in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis on e-learning.

This specialized master will allow you to develop the necessary knowledge for online teaching. You’ll gain skills related to differentiation, student engagement, personalized feedback, learning management systems (LMS), and developing age- and class-appropriate content.

Learn how to:

Develop a curriculum that takes into account the situations of today’s students so you can make flexible and adaptable teaching decisions.

  • Support the needs of students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences with targeted, data-driven instructional decisions and uses the data necessary to make informed teaching and learning decisions
  • Uses technology to empower students by solving real-world problems through the Incorporating research-based strategies guides
  • empowering oneself and others to promote ethical, reflective and culturally competent teaching and learning
  • an education professional who promotes learning in any educational context and actively promotes the inclusion of all learners

Licensure Information:

The online MEd in Curriculum and Instruction program does not lead to licensure. SNHU also offers online post-licensing Master of Education (MEd) programs for current bachelor’s degree holders who want to further develop their expertise and improve their credentials.

However, because state requirements for adding endorsements vary widely, SNHU does not guarantee that completion of these programs will result in increased rankings, endorsements, and/or wages and promotions. Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to contact their state licensing board prior to registration.

Courses & Curriculum:

When you enroll in Southern New Hampshire University’s online Master of Education program, you can gain an edge as a leader in the traditional and virtual classroom.

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This 12-course (36 credits) program consists of 9 core courses – required for all online MA students in Curriculum and Instruction, regardless of concentration – and 3 academic classes central.

  • Technology in Online Education: Gain the skills needed to select new and innovative ways of approaching instruction. Create learning activities that leverage teaching strategies and technology tools to provide experiences that meet the needs of students in an online environment.
  • Strategies in Online Instruction: Analyze and apply strategies for student engagement, differentiation, instructional delivery methods and feedback. Learn how online instructional strategies can benefit all students, including diverse populations.
  • Methods of Online Instruction: Apply instructional strategies and pedagogical practices into lesson planning in support of engagement and learning. Create lessons and explore how to build them in a learning management system (LMS).

Core will prepare you to be a leader in your field. You will learn how to apply local, state and national standards in designing relevant, results-oriented and culturally inclusive learning experiences for all ages, educational levels and backgrounds. study environment.

You will be ready to make a positive change in your learning community by inspiring your students and serving as a role model and support system for your colleagues.

In addition, core subjects integrate educational technology in both learning and teaching in all courses. You are really expected to integrate technologies and applications into your program design.

Tuition & Fees:

Online Graduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 15 credits
Degree/Certificates $1,881 $627 $9,405
(U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)*
$1,410 $470 $7,050
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That’s all.

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