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Albuquerque is the largest city in the state of New Mexico and is home to many personal injury lawyers who are dedicated to helping people who have suffered harm due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. These lawyers have experience in handling various types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, and more.

They work tirelessly to ensure that their clients receive fair compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In this way, they help their clients to rebuild their lives after an injury and move forward with confidence.

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer if you have suffered significant injuries and believe that another party is responsible for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue legal action if necessary.

You should also hire a personal injury lawyer if the insurance company or the other party denies liability for the accident or if they offer a low settlement that does not cover your medical expenses, lost wages, or other damages. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate these complex legal issues and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Additionally, if you are unsure about the value of your claim or are concerned about the potential cost of medical treatment in the future, it may be beneficial to consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Injury Lawyers in Albuquerque

Best Injury Lawyers in Albuquerque, NM

Here are the best Injury Lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA:

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Keller & Keller

Keller & Keller is a law firm in Albuquerque that specializes in personal injury claims, including wrongful death cases and accidents. They provide legal representation to individuals and families in the metropolitan area and surrounding areas.

Their practice areas include car, truck, and pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and defective vehicle cases. With over 80 years of experience in the legal industry, the firm has recovered over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for clients. The lawyers at Keller & Keller are affiliated with the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association.

Berenson & Associates, PC

Berenson & Associates PC is a law firm with over 15 years of experience serving clients in and around the Rio Rancho area. The firm’s personal injury attorneys handle a range of cases, including slips and falls, dog bites, nursing home abuse, negligence, and accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and semi-trucks.

They strive to secure fair compensation for clients to aid in their recovery. In addition to personal injury, the firm offers legal services in employment law, whistleblowing, and employer retaliation. The firm offers its services in both English and Spanish.

Bradley Law

Bradley Law is a law firm that offers legal assistance to clients in Albuquerque and neighboring areas. They provide counsel and representation for various personal injury cases, which include but are not limited to, car and motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse, products and premises liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

The lawyers at Bradley Law are dedicated to helping clients recover compensation for their losses. Additionally, the firm handles consumer fraud cases. Josh Bradley, one of the attorneys at Bradley Law, is associated with both the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the American Association for Justice.

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Buchanan Law

Buchanan Law is a law firm specializing in personal injury cases and providing legal representation to the residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The firm’s lawyers handle civil cases related to medical malpractice, car accidents caused by reckless or negligent drivers, and slips and falls.

They use litigation and mediation to resolve disputes and secure compensation for their clients to cover medical expenses and property damage. Deena Buchanan, the founder of the firm, is associated with the New Mexico Association of Trial Lawyers.

Caruso Law Offices, PC

Caruso Law Offices PC is a law firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that focuses on representing clients in civil cases related to personal injury. They specialize in cases involving truck and semi-truck accidents, which may result from defective products or another party’s negligence, with the goal of securing fair compensation for their client’s medical expenses and property damage.

The law firm’s founder, Mark Caruso, was recognized in the Top 100 Lawyers list by the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association.

Compensable Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Compensable damages in a personal injury lawsuit typically fall into two categories: economic and non-economic damages.

  1. Economic Damages: These are damages that have a clear financial value and can be objectively calculated. They include:
  • Medical expenses: This includes all past, current, and future medical expenses related to the injury.
  • Lost wages: This includes any wages lost as a result of the injury, including the time off work due to medical appointments or recovery.
  • Property damage: This includes any property that was damaged as a result of the injury.
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses: This includes any other expenses incurred as a result of the injury, such as transportation costs or home care expenses.
  1. Non-Economic Damages: These are damages that are more subjective in nature and are not easily quantifiable. They include:
  • Pain and suffering: This includes the physical and emotional pain and suffering that the injured party experiences as a result of the injury.
  • Emotional distress: This includes any mental or emotional suffering that the injured party experiences as a result of the injury, such as depression or anxiety.
  • Loss of consortium: This includes the loss of companionship, love, and affection that the injured party experiences as a result of the injury.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: This includes the loss of enjoyment of the injured party’s hobbies, activities, and overall quality of life as a result of the injury.
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The compensable damages in a personal injury lawsuit will vary depending on the nature and severity of the injury and the specific circumstances of the case. A personal injury lawyer can help determine the appropriate damages to seek based on the individual circumstances of the case.

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