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Planner Pro is a personal organizer application that helps you to organize your daily life routine. Planner Pro For PC is for those people who want to organize their daily life. This is a full-featured application to manage your daily routine. This application combines events, tasks, and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money on other apps, and it can be used as a day planner, week planner, and month planner.

As you know this is a paid application and is available on both Android and Ios. There is also a free version but it does not provide any main features that stand out. You just have to purchase a premium subscription to use all the advance features of this application. The premium subscription comes in three models – $1.99/month, $4.99/quarter, $14.99/year.

Why Planner Pro for PC?

Planner Pro is a perfect application for daily synchronization with google calendar and supports tasks. That helps to combine events, tasks, and notes in just one place. Planner Pro app was designed for individuals who are in need of an application that can help them in their daily activities.

While using the Planner Pro for PC, You don’t have to use other applications that perform similar functions. moreover, you will be saving your precious time and data usage that you would have wasted on other applications.

With what I have said so far about Planner Pro for PC, you should now believe that it’s an application that everyone needs on their PC.

Features and Functions of Planner Pro:

Planner Pro is an application that provides you with a lot of features and functions that you can use to organize your daily, weekly, and yearly plans. If your requirement is different from the basic settings, you need to go to the application settings and get your specific settings as required by what you want to achieve in a day planner, week planner and month planner.

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Planner Pro For PC


  • Synchronize all of your data from Google calendar and events to Planner Pro application with a single tap.
  • Planner Pro will help you to Show or Hide calendars as you want.
  • Arrange your activities in a day planner, week planner, and month planner also Add, edit or delete events easily.
  • Planner Pro allows you to Manually time slot and Supports all-day & cross-day events.

Planner Pro For PC


  • Planner Pro supports individual tasks and projects with sub-tasks.
  • Planner Pro supports recurring tasks and projects easily.
  • Add 5 different status for tasks and projects.
  • Add 25 priorities for tasks and projects which are important.
  • Planner Pro will use notification and pop-up for system reminders for each task.


  • Add an unlimited number of notes on a daily bases.
  • Manage note in a day, week and month view.
  • Add, delete and edit notes easily.

Key Features:

  • Separate Day, Week, Month and Tasks modules for better management.
  • User-friendly and Very well designed interface.
  • Planner Pro records all searching including events, tasks, and notes.
  • Planner Pro allows you to set the first day of the week manually.
  • customize the launch view as you desire.

Subscription Charges: 

  • Pay $1.99 for one-month subscription.
  • Pay $4.99 for quarter months subscription.
  • Pay $14.99 for a one-year subscription.

Permissions Used in Planner Pro:

  •  Calendar:
    • Planner Pro needs this permission to read events from local calendars.
  • Contacts:
    • Planner Pro needs this permission to read contacts from the local device when you choose to invite an attendee from local contacts. Also if you choose to sign in with your Google account, Planner Pro needs that permission to read google account from your device for authorization.
  • Storage:
    • Planner Pro needs this permission to read photos from Gallery when you choose to upload a photo.
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How to Download Planner Pro for PC:

To use the Planner Pro application on your PC first you need to download an Android Emulator, From my personal use, I recommend BlueStacks Emulator. BlueStacks Emulator is much efficient and easy to use. BlueStacks Emulator is using the latest Android Version.

Download and Install BlueStacks Emulator:

  • Download BlueStacks from their official website. To know more about BlueStacks CLICK HERE.

Planner Pro For PC

  • Open the EXE file of BlueStacks to start the installation process.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Add an active Gmail account or create a new Gmail account.

Now your BlueStacks is ready to use.

Download and Install Planner Pro for PC:

  • Open BlueStacks Emulator, From the home screen of BlueStacks open PlayStore.
  • Search for Planner Pro in PlayStore.
  • Open the Planner Pro application created by the original developer.

Planner Pro For PC

  • Click on the Install button to start the downloading process
  • The installation process will start automatically.
  • Open the home screen of BlueStacks there you will see the icon of Planner Pro.
  • Double click on the Planner Pro icon to start using it.

This is how you can download and install Planner Pro for PC while using BlueStacks Emulator.

Personal Review:

I have been using Planner Pro for PC for a long time and this application really helps me to sort out my daily routine. Planner Pro for PC gives notification for every event that I have synced in it using my Gmail account. It also tells me about all the birthdays that I have added to my contacts. This application is best for that person who has to check his schedule for important work and upcoming meetings. Such as a struggling businessman.

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