Podcast Addict For PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/XP/macOS]

Start using Podcast Addict For PC and Laptop with the help of our guide. We are going to discuss 100% working way to install Podcast Addict For Windows 10/8/7/XP & macOS. Don’t worry, we will tell you about that shortly. First, allow us to share our experience while using this app to listen to podcasts on pc.

The first question that hit’s a person’s mind is that is it really possible to get an Android app for PC? Well normally, questions like that are put to trash. But now thanks to the tech enthusiasts, they have discovered a way to solve this particular problem. It’s only because there is a huge number of users who are intrusted in getting such apps for a computer.

Podcast Addict For PC

If you are one of those who don’t know How To Download Podcast Addict For PC, you don’t need to worry at all. Because we were in the same place just a few days ago. But we have got the right solution for this particular problem. And to be honest, we were amazed by the method we discovered for getting the Podcast Addict app on a computer.

Yes, we are here to share this tip/trick with you. But what we would also like is providing a little Podcast Addict Review. Because many users are unaware of the facilities which are only available in this app. For those, who know all about the app, they can skip the review part.

What is Podcast Addict?

Podcast Addict is one of the best & still free podcast listening apps. There are no in-app purchases, but there is a donation version that lets users get rid of online ads by paying $4 for one time. This app has managed to collect more than 10 million downloads. All of this is because it contains billions of podcast episodes.

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Many users like to think of it as an overloaded app. But such users are unaware of the fact, that everybody has a different intrust in media files. There is no rush or hassle in getting what you want because you can always use the app’s search bar. Else, you are also allowed to discover more by navigating to the available categories.

While playing podcasts, you are allowed to download them, change the playback and even skip the silent moments. For users who never want to be bothered by while listening to their favorite podcasts, they can use it after enabling the airplane mode. Moreover, anyone can also use it for listening to ebooks & radio.

For a better experience, you are always able to visit Youtube through this app. There are no restrictions as well as you get to download Youtube media files. All come under one roof in Podcast Addict, because here everybody is welcome. The Sound Cloud users can make playlists as well as sync all of them from one device to another.

How To Download Podcast Addict For PC and Laptop?

Now, it’s time we tell you How To Download Podcast Addict For PC. Because this application is only available for mobile platforms, you need to use third-party programs. But the programs we are going to talk about, they work perfectly & provide such services for free. Furthermore, using such software is best for getting Podcast Addict For PC Download.

Podcast Addict For PC Download

What Are Android Emulators?

Android emulators allow users to access Android apps on PC. Yes, that’s the beauty of Android emulators, they work perfectly on Windows & Mac operating systems. So with such programs, you can easily get Podcast Addict For Windows & Mac OS. No complications, just you need to worry about implying the simple steps drafted below:

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Downloading Podcast Addict for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Mac)

  1. Download & Install BlueStacks Emulator on Windows PC or iMac.
  2. After the complete installation of BlueStacks, it will open automatically.
  3. In the beginning, several great features of the software are provided to you on the BlueStacks welcome screen.
  4. When the tutorial is done, some startup forums needs your attention.
  5. First of all, you need to enter your Gmail account credentials.
  6. Afterward, select a language for software UI and a payment plan (skip payment plan for getting Podcast Addict For PC).
  7. When the forums are completed without any error, you will be redirected to its home interface.
  8. Now you’re halfway, just locate & open the play store app inside the emulator.
  9. Inside the play store, open the Podcast Addict app just like you do on a smartphone.
  10. Install the app respectively by clicking once on the install button.
  11. It only takes 15 to 20 seconds to install Podcast Addict For PC.
  12. After the successful installation, you will be able to use it to listen to podcasts on PC.


Is Podcast Addict on iPhone?

No Podcast Addict is not available for iOS devices. But there some good alternatives which you are allowed to try. For instance, Pocket Casts, TuneIn Radio, Overcasts and so on. Most of the apps are good enough if you are using them for listening to podcasts on iPhone. But the only difference is that you can’t the same variety and facilities in any of these apps.

How Do I Move My Podcast Addict To My SD Card?

Podcast Addict users are allowed to save their desired podcasts on SD Cards. To do so, they first need to open the app’s settings and go to Download > Storage Folder. Now select the SD card folder where you would like to download podcasts. Same implies to users who are using Podcast Addict For PC.

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