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Surf the internet without any online blockades by downloading Proxynel for PC and Laptop. This app is developed for smartphone users. So here, I’ll tell you a 100% working way to install Proxynel for Windows 10/8/7/Mac. Because I think it can be a good alternative to apps like Orbot proxy.

While I was using Proxynel on my Android phone, I discovered that it’s services are developed for every internet user. Because it’s a web browser with a built-in VPN facility. So now users can say no to any third-party VPN apps and prefer using this app to perform online activities.

Proxynel for PC

Matter of fact, there’s no official way to get Proxynel for PC Download. But there’s a simple tip/trick which you can imply to claim this reward. The trick I’m going to show, I’ve implied it myself and found it very helpful. To be honest, if you imply the same guide I’ve drafted, you’ll never know the difference in the smartphone & PC version.

I’ll take you shortly on the guide of downloading this app on a computer. But first, I want you to get familiar with some of the basic services of this app. Because if you want to make your experience worth a while with the app, you need to know about such things. Let’s start with a short overview of the Proxynel app.

What is Proxynel?

Proxynel is a free VPN Browser app that lets users surf the internet without any online restrictions. It’s an open-source app that’s available on the Google Play Store. There are no in-app purchases but you may have to face some online ads while using the app’s services. However, it has a simple but intuitive UI that’s highly intriguing.

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A great thing about this app is unlimited bandwidth services. A user can surf all day long without getting bothered by any sort of restrictions. Visit any website and watch an enormous amount of videos without any questions asked. Also, the search algorithms run fast and you get to open the sites in a glimpse of seconds.

Online security & privacy has always been a greater concern for every internet user. This app knows that, so it allows you to stay private while performing online activities even when your device is connected with a public or free WiFi. Because the app is specifically made to provide online anonymity services.

For users who are frustrated by online restrictions, they can trust this app to bypass such sort of blockades. No matter from where they belong to, they can always use Proxynel to visit all sorts of blocked websites and social media apps. Just open the VPN browser and start surfing the internet with online freedom.

How To Download Proxynel for PC and Laptop?

Now that you know all about the app, it’s time to help you Download Proxynel for PC and Laptop. Just because it’s services are developed specifically for smartphones, it doesn’t mean that PC users can’t access it. But the users who want this app for a computer, they are required to access the services of Android Emulators.
Proxynel for PC DownloadPlenty of Android users want to use the same smartphone services on a computer. For such users, they can use Android Emulators to claim such a reward. A little about the specifics, such programs will only help users to install Proxynel for Windows 10/8/7/Mac. But a good thing is that you can use such an emulator’s services without paying a penny.

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Get BlueStacks

BlueStacks bieng one of the best Android emulators, you can download its latest version from the official website. Try not to download it from any third-party websites. Though, the downloaded file will be saved directly into your Downloads folder.

Install BlueStacks

When you download the software, you need to install it. For that, either open the downloaded file from the web browser or open it from the downloads folder. While installing BlueStacks, don’t forget to select a folder where you want to save the installation files of the software. Besides that, just follow the on-screen instructions and it’ll only take 4 to 5 minutes to install the software.

Configure The Emulator

In the beginning, you’ll be asked to enter some details to configure BlueStacks. For instance, enter a Gmail account, select a software UI and choose a payment plan. All of such forums are necessary for users willing to access Google Play Services on PC.

Enjoy Android Interface on PC

After providing the complementary information, you’ll be redirected to the main internet of BlueStacks. From that time, you can enjoy Android Interface on your PC. Yes, if you have selected the free payment plan, then you can use its services without emptying your pockets.

Download Proxynel for Desktop & Laptop

Now from the main interface of BlueStacks, our goal becomes so easy. Because from the main page, you just need to click once on the play store app’s icon to open. Type Proxynel in the search bar of the play store and press enter. Click on the install button and wait while the emulator completes the installation process. When it’s done installing the app, you’ll be allowed to use Proxynel for Desktop & Laptop.

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