SwannView Link for PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/Mac] – Free

Access your Swann cameras and digitals recorders on a bigger screen via SwannView Link for PC. This app has brought ease into the lives of many smartphone users.  People who prefer to keep an eye on their belongings whenever they are not around them. And because of this app’s services, users can work without having stress about the privacy invaders.

The problem comes when you are working in an office where you are not allowed to use a smartphone. So what would it be, would you want to still see what’s going on your property and find a way to get SwannView Link for Windows 10/8/7/Mac? Well, if you want to complete such a task I’m here to help you.

SwannView Link for PC

I’ve installed Swann cameras on my home, and that’s why I wanted to get full services as they nearly emptied my pockets. But in the beginning, I used this app on my Android phone. It was a good experience because the app allowed me to access remote surveillance services. So that’s what got me focused on getting SwannView Link for PC Download.

I’m going to share a way that helped me get this app for my computer. Because you just need to imply a simple tip/trick that’s gonna change the way you use to enjoy your favorite Android apps. I’ll take you shortly to such a guide, but before that, I want you to get familiar with the basic features of this app.

What is SwannView Link?

SwannView Link is an open-source app developed specifically for Swann camera and DVR users. It provides free remote surveillance services that users can access with the help of an internet connection. To start a connection with the app, a user only has to login with his email account that’s registered with the app.

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Not just the DVRs, but you are allowed to connect other digital recorders as well. Like the NVRx, HDRs, and NVK. With this facility, you can access any video you want that’s saved inside the digital recorder. It doesn’t matter where you are, all that matters is that you have installed this app and your device is connected with the internet.

A good thing about SwannView Link is its multichannel support. You are allowed to connect more than 15 cameras live feed to a single screen. The developers say that such a service works great on Android tablets. But if you get SwannView Link for PC Download, then you don’t need to worry about that.

All of the basic surveillance services are installed inside the app. It has a simple and intuitive to make a user’s work easy for him. You can access any service you want directly from the main interface of the app. Like video playback, PTZ, Emailing, Encoding and so on. It’s good that the company has decided to deliver beneficial services for its users.

How To Download SwannView Link for PC and Laptop?

Now that you know about all the facts & figures of the app, I would like to tell you a way of downloading SwannView Link for PC. Because this app has proved to be useful for hundreds of thousands of users. But it’s a pity that you’ll be required to use third-party programs to download this Android app on PC.

SwannView Link for PC Download

Some Words on Android Emulators

Android emulator allows users to emulate the Android interface on Desktops or Laptops. With this feature, users are allowed to install and access any Android app or game on their computers. Though there are many such genre emulators available in the market. I recommend you to use BlueStacks to install SwannView Link for Windows 10/8/7/Mac.

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Requirements for BlueStacks:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • At least 4GB of RAM on PC.
  • Intel or AMD Processor
  • Up to date graphics drivers
  • At least 5GB Free Disk Space
  • Minimum 1 GB of Graphics Card

Downloading SwannView Link for Windows 10/8/7/Mac

  • If your computer meets the requirements to install BlueStacks, then Download the software from the official website.
  • After downloading the software, launch the downloaded file to start the installation process. While installing BlueStacks, make sure that your HDD has enough disk space and you have selected an appropriate location to save the installation files. Besides that, just keep following the on-screen instructions and in the end, check the launch BlueStacks checkbox and click on the Finish button.
  • Before providing the Android interface onto your PC, BlueStacks will ask you to complete some on-screen forums. It’ll ask you to enter your Google ID and select a language for the emulator’s interface.
  • Now that you have entered all the necessary information to configure BlueStacks, you’ll be redirected to its home page.
  • From there, click once on the play store’s icon.
  • Type “SwannView Link” in the search bar of the play store and press enter.
  • Click once on the install button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After the successful installation of SwannView Link for Windows 10/8/7/Mac, you will be allowed to use it.

SwannView Link FAQs

Question#1: How To Connect Swann DVR To Computer?

Answer: After downloading the SwannView Link for PC, you need to connect both of your devices with the same network. Now let the app scan the devices for you. After it’s done scanning, it’ll provide you a list of devices with whom you can connect your PC. Select the appropriate devices and you are good to go.

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Question#2: How To Use Swann Camera on iPhone?

Answer: To use Swann Camera on iPhone, navigate into the app’s settings. Tap once on “Add a new DVR” and select type-in the name of the DVR you are trying to connect with the app. Now enter the IP or DNS address of your digital recorder. At last, enter your Swann ID and password.

Question#3: How To Export/Download Swann Videos?

Answer: First of all, connect a pen drive to Swann DVR via USB port. Now open the app and right-click on any live footage. Click on the home button and from the setting Windows, click on the Search tab. Under the “Events” tab, customize the Date & time settings of videos you want to download.

Afterward, click on the Channel menu and select CH1, CH2 or any of your desired channels. Now select the check the videos that you would like to download and when done, click once on the “Backup button”. In the end, you can also select the format of videos in which you want to download them.

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