How to use The TTV for PC free – Windows 10, Mac

Download The TTV app on your PC. If you are a lego fan and interested in the latest happenings in the Lego World this is the app for you.

What is the TTV PC app?

The TTV Channel (formerly the three virtues) is a LEGO news and entertainment group, primarily focusing on Bionicle and similar constraction franchises. It was founded in 2009 by Varderan under the name iBZP as an open podcast for members of LEGO.

THE platform branched out and became its own incorporated company as an LLC (Pandemic Panda LLC), including its own forum and news site. However, on March 15th, 2018, Pandemic Panda LLC was disbanded, and the group returned to being simply a group of friends rather than a company.

The TTV for Mac

What does the TTV for PC offer to its viewers

The TTV for Windows app brings together Lego fans from around the globe to chat, discuss, and enjoy being a part of the Lego community!

In each show, you will get a look at the most recent hot Bionicle and Lego news and rip it to shreds in heavy discussion and heated debate. The podcasts on the app also love having guests from the Lego community and ask them plenty of questions.

In 2016, a few shows were introduced, such as The Brickfeed Podcast, Game Dev Tycoon, Undertale Let’s Play and Matoran Escape with Meso and Viper.

Only two of these shows remain, and one of them is currently on hiatus. Several shows were also discontinued this year, such as Don’t Fight, TTV Talks, Product Showcase, and the long-running Recap Reviews reached its conclusion.

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In 2017, TTV launched a third podcast, Ninjagocast, dedicated to Ninjago discussion. Although it has continued through, episodes of this series have typically only been recorded when the Ninjago TV show has been releasing episodes, usually over the course of a few weeks in the winter and summer.

Additionally, their “Brickonicle” discussion from The TTV Podcast, reimagining BIONICLE as a System theme, was transformed into its own podcast, Brainstorm.

The TTV on Windows

Step by Step Guide to install the TTV app on Windows and Mac

IF you are a fan of Lego and are looking for a way to download the TTV PC app on Windows and Mac you have come to the right place. Lets start the process which will enable you to do so.

First of all you will need to install an Android emulator on your PC. You can choose any emulator you like. I will be mentioning my recommended one below.

Now what an emulator does is it will enable you to use an android system on your PC without any issues. Inside the emulator windows, you will find a fully working android OS. The emulator usually has been optimized for gaming purpose but you can also use other apps that you like on the PlayStore.

Step 1:

As discussed our first step is going to be the download of the emulator. You can download the NoxPlayer emulator. It has one of the best UI and latest android versions in comparison to some other emulators.

Step 2:

In this step complete the installation of the emulator. Open the file location where it is downloaded. Right-click on it and Run the file as administrator. An installation wizard will open, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the Nox emulator.

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Step 3:

The TTV is a social media channel and no official version of the TTV for PC app is available. Now what you will do is look for the APK file of the app on the internet. You can choose from whichever source you prefer and download it on your PC using your browser.

Step 4:

Now comes the installation of the app, for that purpose open the emulator. Go to the download location of the apk file. Drag the file and drop it on the home screen of the emulator. It will complete the installation of the TTV app on PC.

Step 5:

Now the app has been downloaded on your PC and you can easily watch and listen to your favorite shows.

Final Thoughts

That is it as far as the TTV app for PC is concerned. You can simply follow the steps discussed. You can easily use the app on your PC without any worries.

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