Thunder VPN For PC Download Free (Windows 10/8/7 & Mac)

Want to download Thunder VPN For PC and Laptop? If yes, then our guide is drafted for you. Today, we will be discussing an easy and simple way of claiming such a reward. As we all know that Thunder VPN is one of the best virtual private networks which provides its services for free. So it’s best if you get it on your computer.

It’s a fact that most of the VPNs are costly enough that user’s don’t even bother to try them. That’s why we are recommending our users to download Thunder VPN For PC. Because our experience with this app was amazing and we found it helpful in hiding the IP address of our connected network.

Thunder VPN For PC

Most of the free VPN apps give you a hard time hiding your online identity. But with Thunder VPN, it’s simple as having a walk in the park. Users are allowed to get a secure connection with a single tap on the connect button. No need to register, because its services are provided for free.

Long story short, it’s good for you to install Thunder VPN For Windows & Mac. Because it will allow you to access VPN services on your operating systems without spending a penny. Users who can’t afford a VPN with in-app purchases, they can trust this application for surfing the internet privately & securely.

What is Thunder VPN?

Thunder VPNĀ is the renowned product of Signal Lab. It is used for getting free proxy services over the internet. Users are allowed to get a free & fake IP to surf the internet. There are plenty of proxy servers available inside the app. Users are allowed to pick up any proxy servers without paying a penny.

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It’s a fact that every proxy server comes with its unique IP. Even if you connect with the same location, you are provided with a different IP. So that no one else can monitor your online activities. No hackers, cybercriminals or ISP agents get to monitor you, because they don’t even know where to look out for you.

Thunder VPN is not just about delivering online privacy services. Because it also lets you access blocked online content. Remember some blocked websites and social media apps? Now, you can access them without being monitored by your local network authorities. Use such online platforms any time you like with ease.

If you are connected to a free WiFi service, there is a chance you may get blocked due to strong firewalls. For instance, when you are at school or work, you are not allowed to access some sort of websites. If that’s the case, you should try using Thunder VPN app for bypassing strong firewalls. Even if you are connected with industrial WiFi, you will not be bothered anymore.

How To Download Thunder VPN For PC and Laptop?

An easy way to download Thunder VPN For PC is with the help of Android emulators. It’s because there is no Thunder VPN.exe version available in the market. So for users willing to get this application to work on a computer, they need to use services of third-party programs. Here we are going to use Android emulators because they work efficiently.

Thunder VPN.exe

What Are Android Emulators?

Android emulators work as third-party software for emulating Android apps on PC. Most of these emulators are sponsored by high-tech industries, so they don’t want a user’s money. A great part of the deal about these programs is that they come with a simple interface. They don’t want your money & personal info. They are just made to provide services to Android users. Now, it’s time we take you on the guide of downloading Thunder VPN For Windows & Mac OS.

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Downloading Thunder VPN For PC via BlueStacks

  1. Download BlueStacks on your computer. (Download Link)
  2. After downloading its raw file, install it.
  3. You can install BlueStacks by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once the emulator is installed, open it.
  5. See the startup tutorial until it asks you to enter your Gmail account.
  6. When the time comes, type in your Google ID and select a language.
  7. From its home interface, click once on the play store icon.
  8. Inside the play store app, search for Thunder VPN using the available search bar.
  9. Install the app by clicking on the install button.
  10. In about 15 to 20 seconds, Thunder VPN For PC will be installed.
  11. You will be allowed to open the app from the icon appearing on the home screen of BlueStacks.

Installing Thunder VPN For Chrome

  1. Open Chrome web browser.
  2. Visit the provided link to download Arc Welder. (Link)
  3. Click on Add to Chrome button.
  4. Wait for the extension to install properly.
  5. Once done, open it and upload the Thunder VPN APK file in it.
  6. Depending upon the speed of the connected network, it will take only 10 to 15 seconds to complete the job.
  7. Now you will be able to use Thunder VPN For Chrome.


Are Free VPN Good?

Yes, there are plenty of free VPN services which work great. Like Tubo VPN, SuperVPN & VPN Master. All of these apps provide free services and yet they have managed to get more than a hundred million users. Same implies on Thunder VPN For PC, users can trust this application with the health of their connected network.

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Is Free VPN Dangerous?

Most of the free VPN services are scams. Such applications are only developed to put malware inside a user’s device. To make sure that if a VPN is dangerous or not, you can always see it reviews from different people. For instance, there are plenty of good reviews about Thunder VPN For PC. With over 10 million users, you don’t need to worry about your safety over the internet.

Can VPN Be Hacked?

Yes, there is a possibility you can get hacked while using VPN services. But it can only happen if you are using lame VPN apps. So why don’t you install Thunder VPN For PC? It will ensure your online privacy without selling your online privacy rights. Also, it is free and will not allow online scammers to know about your online footsteps.

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