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Start using WhatsApp on multiple devices via WhatScan For PC and Laptop. Don’t worry, I will provide a 100 percent tested guide to help you get this application on a computer. As for your acknowledgment, I have tested this method only on two specific operating systems. So here, I will tell you a way to install WhatScan For Windows 10/8/7/Mac.

From the start, I use to love WhatsApp and preferred only this messenger app for communication purposes. No doubt, it’s still the most beloved social media app that’s being used by people globally. Users prefer it because this platform is just made to deliver good services to its users. The weekly & monthly basis updates compel a user to never leave sight of this platform.

WhatScan For PC

Recently, I had a problem with my phone and it’s touch panel started to respond laggy. To be honest, it was not working at all. But my colleagues were waiting for the reply on WhatsApp messenger. I didn’t want to keep them in wait, so I decided to use WhatScan on my Laptop. It helped me by letting me use the same WhatsApp account on Laptop.

Truth be told, I was fascinated by the way it worked on my computer. It seemed like I was just using the same app on a bigger smartphone. So that’s what I am going to share with you. I will tell you a way to get this application on a computer. But first, allow me to introduce some key facts about the app.

What is WhatScan?

WhatScan brings out the beauty of technology at our doorstep. It allows us to access the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices without any hassle. Yet, the application is free to access but you encounter some online ads while using the app. But it has a simple & friendly UI that’s compelling for every individual.

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Have you ever used WhatsApp web? If yes, then you are going to love this app. Because it works similar to the web version. To start using it, scan the same QR-code on any device you want. The app will take only 10 to 15 seconds to provide all your WhatsApp data on the other device. You can scan the code through the camera of your device.

Now that it’s clear that you can use WhatsApp on various devices, there some other things you need to know about this app. For instance, variant languages are supported by the app. Like English, Russian, Spanish and so on. So your qualification doesn’t matter at all, you just need to be efficient in your national language to use this app.

Security is always a bigger concern for all messenger platforms. That’s why WhatScan has decided to deliver app lock services to its users. You are allowed to set a passcode or a pattern to secure all your private chats. No intruder will be allowed to enter your private chat rooms or even see your contacts list.

How To Download WhatScan For PC and Laptop?

For now, the only way to download WhatScan For PC is with the help of Android Emulators. Because these third-party programs are our only hope of using this application on a big screen. No need to worry, they work efficiently on computers having Core 2 Duo or above. But also, you at least 4GB RAM to fully enjoy it like a smartphone.

WhatScan For Windows 10/8/7/Mac

What Are Android Emulators?

Rather than Android Emulators, no other software can help you install WhatScan For Windows 10/8/7/Mac. Well, some emulators work on Ubuntu & Linux operating systems. However, if you get Android emulators, you get to access any Android apps & games on a computer. Also, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to access their services.

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Downloading WhatScan For Windows 10/8/7/Mac

  1. First of all, Download BlueStacks.exe on PC. (Download Link)
  2. After downloading the program’s raw file, install it.
  3. When the installation is completed, the software will open by itself. If it doesn’t, double-click on the icon on BlueStacks from the desktop of your computer.
  4. The software provides a tutorial for users who are new to BlueStacks. You can skip it or watch it, understand the basic working principles of the software.
  5. After the startup tutorial, you need to enter some details. For instance, entering your Gmail account details, selecting the software’s UI language & a payment plan(you are allowed to select free plan).
  6. Now you will be redirected to the home interface of BlueStacks. Here, you need to upload the WhatScan APK file inside the emulator.
  7. Either open the downloaded app file via bluestacks or drag the file & drop it inside the emulator’s interface.
  8. When the APK file is uploaded, BlueStacks will start to install it.
  9. Approximately, it will take only 15 to 20 seconds to complete the app installation.
  10. After the successful installation of WhatScan For PC, you will be able to use it on Windows 10/8/7/Mac OS.

FAQs About WhatScan For PC

How Can I Install WhatsApp Web on PC?

WhatsApp web is only an online service that you only get to use on web browsers. So if you are willing to have similar services on a PC, you can always install WhatScan For PC. It works similar to the web version, all you need is install it with the help of the above-provided tutorial. Afterward, you will never know the difference between using the same messenger app on multiple devices.

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How Can I Use WhatsApp Video Call on PC?

A good & tested way to use WhatsApp Video Call on PC is through WhatScan For PC. This application will help you use any WhatsApp services on a big screen, no matter if you have a desktop or Laptop. Also, it runs perfectly on Windows & Mac operating systems. So you can use this communication app’s services with ease.

Can You Use WhatScan on PC Without QR-Code?

No, there is no possible way to use WhatScan on PC without QR-Code. Because it is the only way of protecting a user’s privacy. If anyone could access your WhatsApp account, it will not remain secure as it is meant to. Furthermore, it’s best if you stick with such protocols & don’t try anything stupid.

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